The Voices of Angels in France

I mentioned last week that our trip to France was disappointing in a way, because there was so much we didn’t get to see, including the big attraction museums. We were in Bayeux, and didn’t even get to see the Tapestry. But when one of my coworkers asked what was the best part of the trip, that was an easy answer. It’s also why we didn’t get to see much of the touristy stuff – no regrets here!

Cathedral de la Roche in Paris

Mostly we saw cathedrals. Anyone who’s been there knows how awe-inspiring these 12th century buildings are – especially when we consider that they were built without the benefit of computers or any power tools – everything was powered by man or beast! But hearing the kids SING in the cathedrals – wow! They are a talented bunch of kids to begin with, but with the accoustics and echoey qualities of those old buildings, it was absolutely amazing! They sang at the cathedrals in Chartres, Reims, Bayeux, and Cathedral de la Roche in Paris. They also did a couple of short impromptu songs at Mont St. Michel – and the lady who led our tour there was so enthralled with the kids that she drove over an hour that evening to see their whole concert in Bayeux.

Singing at the Cathedral in Reims

Here are a couple of short videos my roommate, my daughter’s friend’s mom, shot. They’re about a minute each. Hearing it on the computer doesn’t, of course, do it justice, but it does give a taste. Sorry for the sideways orientation – my friend took the videos with her iPhone in vertical position, but none of the players I’ve found enable me to rotate them!

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  1. I was in high school choir, and every Thanksgiving we sang a classic piece of music. Our choir director had us perform at a cathedral (modern-day, of course) thirty minutes away, and it was worth it. The acoustics were so much better than a regular auditorium or other venue. I can only imagine how wonderful the kids sounded in person at these 12th century cathedrals. How awesome to have that experience!

  2. My son is in choir–they recently sang at the school’s baccalaureate in a cathedral. My son loved the sound!
    He’s right, your daughter’s choir sounds beautiful!

  3. Wow!

    I was in the school choir – too many years ago – and it does bring it all back.

    If you ever get to the UK one of the most amazing Cathedrals is in the city Lincoln. It’s incredible and really spooky as well as beautiful.

  4. Thanks, Coleen – it’s something really special, isn’t it?

    CC, I would love to see the UK someday! In fact, that was where I was hoping this choir tour would be, since I’d already been to France. But the kids hadn’t, so it was all good!

  5. I wish I could have seen and heard your daughter’s choir in France. The group may have missed the Louvre, but they (and their parents) had an incredible and unforgettable experience.

  6. I can’t sing to save my life, but I do enjoy hearing beautiful song such as this. I have been lucky enough to visit some amazing cathedrals in England and Scotland. This is simply breathtaking. Thank you for sharing, Jennette.