That’s My Spot, and Killer Geese – there’s an app for that (or there should be)

I had a little Sheldon Cooper moment when I arrived at work one day last week.

For those who don’t watch The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon is a young, brilliant theoretical physicist who’s more than a little OCD. The thing that Sheldon’s probably the most particular about is “his spot” in the living room of the apartment he shares with fellow physicist Leonard, whose two BFFs frequently visit. They’ve become Sheldon’s friends too, but only because they’ve learned never to sit on the right end of the sofa. Sheldon has claimed that spot as his, as it’s the optimum viewing distance from the TV, close to the kitchen, and near enough to the window to catch nice breezes, but at an angle where the sun’s glare from window doesn’t affect his TV viewing.

I have “my spot” in the parking lot at my workplace. It’s an end spot, and the spaces in that row are wide enough to greatly reduce my chances of getting door dings. The nearest trees are too small to attract birds (and therefore, bird poop), but it’s shaded enough by the building to keep the car from getting horrendously hot in the afternoon.

My spot is also in a corner that’s just inconvenient enough to get into that it’s almost always available when I arrive.

Only one day last week, someone was there. Two someones, in fact – not a car, but a pair of Canada geese. Unlike Sheldon, I didn’t insist that they leave. I parked in a less optimal spot, far enough away that they wouldn’t take too much notice of me.

Pretty to look at, as long as you keep away from their spot!

These guys are pretty in flight, and their babies are squeeee! cute, but if you make the mistake of walking too close to what they’ve decided is “their” spot, they can be downright menacing! I found that out a few days earlier, when they were squatting in the middle of the lot, and took exception to me driving by. The fact that Chevys, Hyundais, and Honda SUVs are much bigger than they are doesn’t deter them from attacking.

No one was bothering their eggs – heck, I couldn’t even see any eggs or nest near the parking lot. My husband said I should’ve just hit ‘em. But I work at a government site – which means that would involve reporting the “incident,” and filling out who knows how much PITA paperwork. And besides, they’re cute, when they’re not running at you hissing! Yelling at them got me past without being bitten, but there’s got to be a better way.

Surely there’s an app for that?

When I got to my desk, I checked the Google Play store (formerly Android Market), and was surprised to get no results on “goose scare.” Removing the word “scare” netted me a couple of goose call apps for hunters, but that’s it.

My workplace had cardboard and rubber coyotes placed near the sidewalks last spring, and we didn’t have any goose problems then. But no one had put them out this year.

Yet the geese haven’t been around this week. Perhaps their eggs have hatched, and they’re teaching babies to swim in the nearby pond. But yesterday, I found another reason they might have vacated the area: a loudspeaker on the other end of our building making goose noises! Maybe they’ve decided the area is already the territory of other geese that are even more aggressive!

But wow, we could’ve used that last week. And why isn’t there an app for that? Considering all the crazy things there are apps for, I’m surprised. Maybe the iPhone folks have something?

I’d love to hear from you! Have you ever been on the wrong end of a vicious goose? What did you do to get away? Do you have anything that you’re Sheldon Cooper OCD about? Please share! Oh, and let me know if there’s an app for that, too. I might need one.

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  1. I did have a parking spot at a previous job which I considered mine. It was far enough from the building, so it was free when I arrived, and it had a rock at the end (which I thought was perfect for those snow-covered days – I knew I was within the lines). One time my son (who also worked at the same company) had the nerve to park in my spot, just as I was pulling in. I gave him the eye and he actually moved! Let’s hear it for Mom Power!

    Too bad that doesn’t work for geese, though! Thanks for the laugh this morning.

  2. I’ve never actually seen geese out in an urban terrain except in YouTube videos. That’s pretty funny. I guess they aren’t hanging around my area. We get the bunnies, squirrels, coyotes, ect. Nothing fun like pretty birds. But when I was younger there were some peacocks that used to show up on our roof from time to time! That was fun. 🙂 Can’t think of anything parking related. The parking gods are usually on my side. Knock on wood. Although I noticed a door ding the other day. *sniff*

  3. who knew geese were like that? We have them here in Calgary but they tend to hang around the same places where people are (it’s a feeding thing, I’ll bet) I’ll have to try to get close and see what happens.

  4. Oh that’s funny! I’m OCD about a lot of things, but I’ll never admit to them in writing in a public blog. Those who know me well, know the crazy little things that make me crazy and if they’re smart they avoid them. Let’s just say that my stapler and tape dispenser had better remain in the same order next to my memo cube on my desk or someone will hear about it. Need I say more? How often have I reached for the stapler only to scrape my nails against that sharp cutting edge of the tape dispenser. I hate that! Ruins a perfectly good manicure. Leave my stapler where it belongs!

    Okay, geese apps – don’t know any. Never had any goose encounters either. I did come dangerously close to a rattlesnake once. I’d like an app for that. Better yet, a siren to warn me when snakes are present. And for God’s sake, keep them away from my stapler!

    Good luck with the goose problem!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  5. The only animal I have to fight with for “my spot” is my cat, who inevitably wants to make my office chair her cozy place for a nap. It’s not hard to shoo her off, though. I’d be much more cautious with a goose!

  6. LOL Stacy – that’s funny about your son! Good thing he knew who was boss. 🙂

    Debra, I think Canada geese are more prevalent in the northeast. They’re pretty, but they can be really nasty if you get too close! And bummer about the ding – you know I understand about that. 🙁

    Louise, some of the geese do hang out where they’re hoping for a handout, but mostly that’s ducks around here. These geese get angry if you get within 10 yards, and will run at you hissing! They actually try to bite cars. It’s funny if you’re not trapped inside the car!

    Patricia – LOL about your stapler! But it’s understandable to have your desk set up so you can work efficiently – and the first part of that is for stuff to be where you expect it. Thanks for sharing!

    Julie, that’s funny about your cat – my dogs are the same way! They’ll move if we tell them to, but they make it clear that they’re very disgruntled. The geese – I’d rather just keep my distance!

  7. I have “my spot” in the parking lot, refrigerator and file room at work. I get very frustrated and out of sorts if anyone takes any from me. I pulled in the parking lot one morning and a new girl that I don’t know had just pulled into my spot before I could so I parked right next to her. It was still dark out as I arrive at 6:15 am. I could see her in her car and when she looked over at me I gave her a disgusted look. For the next few days I made sure I got there earlier so I could have “my spot” back and also send her a message that it was mine. She got the hint because she is there before me every morning but never parks in “my spot”. As far as the refrigerator for my lunch bag, I just move whatever is in my way.

  8. We have a lot of geese around here. They don’t seem to be scared of people at all. I was driving thru a parking lot a few weeks back and they were hanging around and completely unconcerned about getting out of the way. When my kids were younger I used to take them to feed the ducks and I always got nervous when the geese got close–they are too tall for my comfort!!

  9. Missy, I am LOL picturing you giving your coworker “the look!” I had a spot in the fridge at my company’s office for my Mtn. Dew, but someone else took it last time I was there. Since I’m at the client site most of the time I let it slide. Thanks for stopping by!

    Coleen – those geese are nasty, I don’t blame you for being nervous around them with little kids. The ones at work try to attack cars!

  10. I’ve never had the “goose encounter”, but I’ve walked around plenty of their “gifts” at my friend’s home. She has a lake in her front yard and it’s goose central there. They are really messy, messy birds. As for OCD seat arrangments, it’s the front row, second aisle in the church balcony. Since Easter new people have been sitting in “our” seats, but we haven’t complained, because new faces in the worship service are a good thing. We just plan to get there earlier and reclaim our rightful places. As for other OCD things, don’t move the soda in the fridge. I/we want to reach right in and find it with closed eyes.

  11. LOL, CD – yup, we have to watch out for green Tootsie rolls on the sidewalk at work, too! And love your plain to get your spot back at church! 🙂

  12. How funny! I’m glad you didn’t run them over though. Not that I think you would do that, of course. I love The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon! I haven’t watched TV since mid-January and that is one of 3 shows I miss. I’m going to break soon I know it and get a new satellite service. At least all the summer re-runs will be new for me. LOL

    The only seating OCD I have is when I go out to eat. I like the “cop” seat. My back to the wall so I can see everyone coming at me. Too many years of doing investigations and the crazy people I had contact with, got a hold on me and just won’t let go. 🙂

  13. I fully understand your and the geese’s “territorial behavior”.

    On another note, I also hope that someone comes up with an app for that.

  14. Ha ha ha ha ha. I LOVE Sheldon…and I kind of married him. My cat has her “spot” on my bed and it is shocking how willing I am to accommodate her.

  15. Nita is terrified of birds, which she admits is a phobia.

    Me? When I lived out in Eastgate (fringe suburbia for those of you outside the I-275 Loop), I used to take walks around the lake in our subdivision. The geese were there and very aggressive, hissing at you and bobbing their heads like they’d take your head off. Unless you took one more step.

    Then they flew away, honking goose obscenities at you like the playground bully who got poked by the kid who wouldn’t take it anymore and runs crying to mommy.

    They’re all hiss and no bite. Usually. Last time I had to deal with them, I had my dog with me. Gurl sees live geese as pre-processed dog treats.

    As for my spot, I had one at work that was directly opposite the employees entrance. A few months ago, one of the medical coders started coming in at 6:30 and took (*gasp!*) my spot!

    Her last day is next week. Then it get back…

    my preciousssssss!

  16. Rhonda – my husband has to do the cop thing too – for him, it comes from years of owning a bar, always being on the lookout for trouble!

    Christian – thanks for stopping by!

    Kristen – LOL our dogs have their spots too, and we don’t make them move unless they’re hogging the whole couch! Yup, guess who’s in charge around our place. 🙂

    Asrai, believe me, I prefer not to approach them! The problem is when they’re smack dab in the way between me and the door. Luckily, I saw today that they seemed to have finally settled in the middle of a big, grassy area – much better than a parking lot! 🙂

    Jim, LOL! These must be military geese – they aren’t easily scared off; they try to bite cars! Although it would be nice if I could take Wolfgang in to work. Enjoy your “spot!”

  17. Hollywood Forever Cemetery is one of my favorites places to photograph. They employ several geese to trim the grass. Once, stupid me, I trained my camera on a goose and it ran up and pecked the lens! I got a hilarious shot, but will never go that close again!

  18. Jennette, those geese can be down right nasty! And I can’t believe that they would have the gall to attack a Camaro for cryin’out loud! I had a friend that raised ducks and geese, so I know if you piss them off, they aren’t happy. Thus the expression “Goosed!” I had one goose me on the arm and left a nice bruise, like a hicky. Lovely. Don’t mess with them. No app. Just sayin’. 🙂

  19. LOL Debra! Those things have a lot of nerve, don’t they? At least it just bit at the camera!

    Karen, yup, I try to stay away from them, but even 20 ft. away is too close sometimes – and they’ll run at you then! Luckily I yelled at them and got by.