Slow Progress

That’s the case both with our new house, and with my writing. But much better than no progress, right?

We went to Tennessee for a couple days last week. Not much had changed with the house since the last photos I posted, but it had been two months since we were last there, and we wanted to check it out anyway. Since my last update, mostly what had been done was gravel laid in the driveway and in the basement, and the safe room built. This wasn’t something on our plans or that we requested, but our builder says the walls need to be built under the front porch regardless, so why not make it something useful?

Safe Room under the front porch


View from the front of the house, with garage on the right


This will be the view from the front porch – much different, with the leaves off the trees

Pictures are one thing, but standing in our soon-to-be basement and garage were quite another! We also met with our commercial real estate agent, who’s ready to step in and help us find and buy rental property down there as soon as the apartment building here in Ohio sells. Turns out her husband owns a brewery, and even though it’s not yet open to the public, they invited us over to see the place and enjoy some samples! The beer was fantastic, and it was tons of fun hanging out with them and the guys who were helping them build out their tasting room. We also had fun getting to know our next door neighbor, and our favorite server at our favorite restaurant (yes, we already have one, LOL). I even managed to keep up with my writing goals while we were there!

Thanksgiving was our usual nice, simple event with no drama–my favorite, and something I’m always thankful for. It did seem a little weird when my husband asked to take photos of us at the table, since it will be our last Thanksgiving in this house. It got really quiet for a few minutes there, but overall it was a nice, happy family get-together.

What I’ve Been Reading: I’m reading both a nonfiction book and a novel right now, but haven’t finished either, so I’ll discuss here after I have. The fiction reading is going slowly because I finally caved in to the ads to trade in my Kindle, and sent it back to Amazon while I could still get $25 for it, as opposed to only $5. It holds a charge, but only for a few days, and it’s getting difficult to charge since the USB socket no longer makes a good connection. So I figured I’d trade it in while I could still get the higher amount. My new one hasn’t come in yet, so I’m reading a paper book. No problem, except that means I have to turn off the light when my husband comes to bed. I miss my Kindle, because I like reading in the dark.


What I’ve Been Writing: I met my stretch goal of writing all seven days this week, including the two nights we were in Tennessee and on Thanksgiving! It wasn’t that much, as I’m still baby-stepping my way with a 100 words/day goal, but I’ll take those words, especially since I finished a difficult chapter. The app has been a big help, because I really love checking off that goal every day. It’s helped with my decluttering goal too, though I only got five days of that in due to our trip. This week, I’d like to up the writing goal a bit, and go for 200 words/day, for at least five days this week.

What about you–did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Have you done anything unusual and/or fun lately? How are you doing with whatever goals you may have, whether writing or something else? Please share in the comments–I love hearing from you!

Jennette Marie Powell writes stories about ordinary people in ordinary places, who do extraordinary things and learn that those ordinary places are anything but. In her Saturn Society novels, unwilling time travelers do what they must to make things right... and change more than they expect. You can find her books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes, and more.

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  1. Ooh, a safe room. How cool! And re: pictures. I know, they don’t do the work justice, do they?
    So happy I finished my short story, so that’s one big goal I finished. It’s with my editor now (Michele Stegman… maybe you’ve heard of her? Haha!). I plan on getting back into my WIP this week and will aim for 500 words/day. I need to get the first draft done by end of winter. Wish me luck (I’ll need it!).

  2. I’m excited to see the safe room! I agree with Stacy – how cool! Glad the trip to TN was productive, both with the house and your writing. What a beautiful building site you have.

    I missed my Kindle, too, when I sent for a new one last year. I love being able to read in bed in the dark by its light. The Hubby has an older Kindle with no light and I keep telling him he should upgrade too while he can.

  3. Stacy, congrats on finishing the story! And great editor, too. 😀 Good luck with the new WIP!

    Chris, thanks! I love the Paperwhite, so much better than the basic Kindle. What’s funny is I ordered the basic one by mistake, so I had to return it and pay postage, ugh! But for me being able to read in the dark is the #1 perk of ebooks.

  4. Very exciting to see the progress on your home, even if it is slow going. A safe room is awesome! Big plus! Very cool that you’re already getting to know your new neighbors and some of the other folks. Sounds like a fun time in the brewery!

    George was sick with a cold for Thanksgiving, so he had to stay home and rest. I went to Mimi’s Cafe with my folks and it was an exceptionally delicious turkey dinner, and then we went back to their house and played a game of Hot Dice. My son was on call and our middle daughter’s family stayed home by themselves since the baby is only a few weeks old. I actually enjoy quiet holidays!

    Sounds like you’re doing great with the writing. To finish a hard scene is always rewarding. Looking forward to reading it when it comes out.

  5. Looking good on all fronts. A safe room sounds like you might need in the event of a zombie apocalypse right? I mean, you already have a basement for tornadoes and such so what might the safe room be for if not an invasion of zombies.

    Keep up the baby steps. That’s how stuff gets done.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  6. Thanksgiving this year was – momentous. Not for the festivities, though – the kids and I went to the Golden Corral, as is our no-fuss, no-family-of-origin drama tradition.

    But it was the first year we were a family of three, not four. Last year, when we went, we were all fairly sure it was Jim’s last year, because he’d gotten his terminal diagnosis a couple of weeks before. We thought we’d have most of the year between with him, though, rather than him dying on January 12.

    But it was also a chance to celebrate that we’ve made it this far. The road has been rocky and challenging in places, but we’re still here, we three, and we still like one another.

    There’s something to be said for that.

    Over the weekend, the roofers finally made it to us. I’m mostly happy with the new roof, though I have a minor concern or two. We do have a five year workmanship guarantee, though, so I can address them.

    I’m also about to reach 50K for NaNo, and doing other things….

    Love the view from your new place, and that you already seem to be settling in. As for those baby steps – hooray!

  7. Happy belated Thanksgiving, Jennette! Up here in Canada, our Thanksgiving is in the early part of October.

    The house is looking great (I missed the earlier pictures). And yay on reaching your writing goals. You have much to be thankful for this week!

  8. Lynn, I hope George is feeling better! At least you went to a good place to eat. Thanks so much for your support as always!

    Patricia, we’ll definitely be safe from zombies! There will be a gun room, too. My husband is a hunter – of deer, mostly, but those skills could be useful when the zombies come. 🙂

    Shan, you have done so well at making the best of things! And yes, there’s sure a lot to be said for still being here, and still liking your family. Congrats on winning NaNoWriMo!

    Sheila, thanks so much! Definitely tons to be thankful for!

  9. What a sweet post, Jennette! I love that you have found some favorite spots already in your new neighborhood. Gives me some hope for our upcoming home purchase too.

    And yes, some progress, even the slow kind, always trumps no progress.