ROW80 Update: Eat Lunch In

One thing that’s helped me achieve my fitness goals on the intake side is that I stopped going out to lunch. It helped a lot that my coworker who was the main instigator of lunch out, also wanted to lose a few pounds and stopped, well, instigating.

Also, I can leave early = more writing time. I don’t usually eat at my desk, as part of the purpose of having a lunch break is for workers to get away from the work for a short time, and hopefully come back a little energized. But instead of going out, I usually go to the kitchenette area and eat with coworkers. Side benefit? I eat with some really cool people, and two of them are now my readers!

Granted, this is not a very useful tip for those who work at home (including stay-home parents) but for us paycheck peeps, it’s a great way to save a half hour or more. And every half hour counts, right?

ROW80 goals this week:

  1. Finish read-aloud of Time’s Fugitive (about 10 hours)
  2. Read one Golden Heart entry
  3. Three interval workouts plus two short workouts
  4. Write and post review on Amazon & B&N of a friend’s book I just finished re-reading
  5. Bonus: type-in changes from read-aloud and send Time’s Fugitive to beta readers
  6. Bonus: dog walk or other activity in addition to #3

I did not get to either of the bonus items, but didn’t really expect to; hence why they’re bonuses.

I got in all three interval workouts, but missed one of the short ones due to the fact that I was gone all day one day, and wasn’t feeling well a couple of other days. But the writing got done!

This week, I’m going to spend getting caught up on related stuff. Here’s what’s on tap:

  1. Type in changes resulting from read-aloud of Time’s Fugitive and send to beta readers (finally!)
  2. Read one Golden Heart entry (#3 out of 5)
  3. Three interval workouts plus two short workouts
  4. Write and post review on Amazon & B&N of book I offered to blurb
  5. Finish web design side job I took on to pay off my publishing company start up costs
  6. Guest blog post I offered to do for my friend Michele Stegman (in addition to my own blogs)
  7. Go over two chapters for critique partner
  8. Cover design tweak promised to friend
  9. Tweak & validate epub file of Time’s Enemy and upload it to Lightning Source for distribution
  10. Go over stuff I learned with the release of Time’s Enemy plus stuff I’ve gathered from email lists, blogs, etc. and put together a launch plan for Time’s Fugitive
  11. Bonus: do anything that’s on the launch plan list
  12. Bonus: dog walk or other activity in addition to #3

It looks like a lot, but it’s mostly little stuff. How about you? Got any time saving tips for lunch, whether you’re a paycheck peep or a stay-homer?

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  1. It’s interesting how sometimes a small decision like that – just staying in for lunch – can free up some real time (and $$). I am a stay-at-homer and while my to-do list can get rather long, I am in awe at times of you paycheck peeps getting it all done. So kudos on the major progress! Have a great week.

  2. My danger in working from home is that I don’t leave my desk during the day. Ever. I really have to focus on actually getting OUT of the chair instead of getting into it. It’s just not healthy lol. Kudos to you for going to the kitchenette and meeting actual humans for lunch. I think it helps all kinds of things, writing among them. And yep, every 30 min counts!

  3. Julie and Melinda,

    I’ve done the stay-home thing, both for a paycheck job and when laid off. You’re right, it’s tricky to remind ourselves to step away from the desk at times! One thing about spending most of my day at the paycheck job, it makes me use my writing time wisely (well… usually). Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I have to really work at getting away from my machine to eat lunch at all!! which is bad on the exercise level as well as the weight thingy!

    all the best for coming week

  5. I’m also part of the paycheck crew and I use my lunch breaks for reading time. It gives me a break from the computer and if I can escape in some fiction, it really makes me refreshed when I’m back from the break. You have lots of goals. I’m very impressed!

  6. Working from home, like some of your other readers, I also find getting up from the office chair is hard. I get lost in whatever I’m working on. Doing laundry and setting a timer for a hour helps remind me to get up and do something.(I count mundane household chores as activity too.) If you’re computer saavy program your computer to tell you to get up. It’t more startling than a timer and harder to ignore.

  7. Little tasks (and decisions) to add up, so I’m glad to see that you’ve moved your manuscript out to your beta readers. Excellent milestone to pass! Good work this week!

    I’m a stay-homer/freelancer. For lunch, I usually choose to eat light. Really light, actually (veggies like celery or carrots, maybe a bit of fruit, nuts, cheese). I save my bigger meals for time that I know I’m not going to be writing. That’s usually going to be dinner because I do all of my heavy-lifting creative work & writing before 6pm. So that helps save money just by being pretty light.

    Good luck for the coming week!

  8. Tracy and Catherine, on weekends, I have a hard time making myself take a break from my desk too! eating light is a good idea, and so is the timer. I do that with laundry, not just to make myself get up but because I forget it otherwise LOL. Alberta, you’re right, that lunch break is good to recharge, especially if you take a short walk. Sometimes I do just that, though it’s usually just down the hall. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. One of my coworkers reads at lunch – always a great idea! I would be too distracted, but I do read on the treadmill. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Jennette, you make every minute count, and you’re so organized! I think I could get a lot more done if I were more organized and made up a list of things to accomplish every day. I’m a stay at home mom, so I’m faced with a lot of distractions!

  11. LOL Maria – that’s a my problem on the weekends, too many distractions! Like games, my bane! Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  12. Well Jennette, I’d say you’ve got a lot going on girl. But you’re doing great! Keep it up. I’m hoping for a better week myself. Life kinda got in the way this check in. Tomorrow is the start of a brand new week! Yeah! 🙂

  13. Karen – It’s the start of a new week – yes! Sometimes other things (like family!) need to take priority, but once the crunch is over, you can jump back in where you are. Thanks for commenting, and good luck on your goals!

  14. You may not have gotten to your bonus items, but you did fantastic otherwise. Great job Jennette! I wish I could escape during the day to a small group of people who spoke in adult conversation. How refreshing that must be. Sigh. I agree with Julie, it is interesting how the simplest thing (such as eating lunch in the kitchenette) can make such a difference in our time and money situation.

  15. Thanks, Debra! That is one thing I really like about my job. I’ve been lucky to work with some really great people, and the current one is no exception. Good luck with your own goals!

  16. Oh yeah, and I’m already behind! That type-in is taking longer than I thought (story of my life with this revision). But it’ll get done. The rest… maybe!