ROW80: Too Ambitious

The title pretty much sums up my ROW80 goals for this week. I’m still having trouble getting this Sunday – Saturday week down: once again, if it was Monday – Sunday, I’d make my goals. Or at least one of them.

I made the remnants of last week’s goals on Sunday. For the rest of this week, my goals were to get Chapters 9-11 of Time’s Fugitive revised, and to get the first half of the book typed-in and sent to the beta readers. In actuality, I got about halfway through Chapter 11 revising. Didn’t touch the type-in, as you might guess. I’m rethinking that part of the goal anyway – if I sent the first half of the book to the beta readers now, they’ll be done with it before I have the second half ready. So that can wait a week or so. Worse, the second half of the book needs a LOT more work than the first, so my revision speed isn’t likely to improve. So for this week, I’m going to try to be realistic, and shoot for one simple goal: Finish revisions through Chapter 14. As a bonus, I’ll either plow on through Chapter 15, or start on the type-in.

So here’s to being realistic! How did you do on your goals this week, whether or not you’re a writer, and whether or not you’re participating in ROW80?

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  1. So how is the “Sunday – Saturday” style messing with you? Hehe. No one ever said SMART goals were easy goals. Just keep at it and do what you can. You’ll get there 🙂

  2. LOL Ryan – I keep thinking I have another day to meet my goals! I used to track from Monday – Sunday because it felt more like a workweek. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I feel the same and some of my goal completion always seems to quietly slip into the Sunday afternoon. Sigh.

    Good luck this week. Those pesky revisions slow things down, but surely need to be done 🙂

  4. Oh – I hear you on the slow revisions. I organized my goal by chunks of pages, and some fly by, while others take FOREVER. Good luck tackling the ubiquitous chapter 14.


  5. Thanks, Gina! Chapter nine took forever, too, but 10 and 11 weren’t too bad. (I got 11 done a little while ago).

    @Angela – I’ve had readers asking about this book and don’t want to wait until December (great problem, huh? 🙂 ). I told them there’s no way they want to read it as it is now!

  6. The great thing about ROW 80 is that you can assess and change your goals. Even if you didn’t cross everything off your check list, it sounds like accomplished quite a bit this week.

    I did okay this week on my goals, but not great. But there’s always next week, right! Wishing you luck for next week! (Not that you need it.)

  7. Thanks, Annalise and Debra! I’ll take all the luck I can get – these next few chapters are going to be challenging, I have no doubt.

  8. that’s what I like – the ability to change the goals – revising chapters can take for ever or just a flash of time – they have their own minds – all the best for this week