ROW80: To-do List Balancing Act, and the Weekly Status Report

This round of ROW80 has brought more learning – never a bad thing!

I learned that I do better if I schedule tasks throughout the week, particularly big tasks that need to be broken up into smaller chunks, like read-aloud editing and type-in.

I also learned that too much scheduled stuff is an invitation to get even less done.

It’s a balancing act – schedule what needs to be, without being overwhelming.

It's a balancing act!

I think I pulled it off this week. I scheduled my workouts (which I always do), and some of my writing tasks, since I’m still in a weird, in-between place there. I didn’t get quite everything done. But overall, I’m happy with what I did.

Last week’s results:

  1. Finish Time’s Fugitive beta reader changes and send to copy editor
  2. Format Hangar 18: Legacy for Kindle and send to beta readers (emailed them, waiting to hear what format they want)
  3. Collect remaining tax stuff for accountant
  4. Read nonfiction book for research
  5. Three interval workouts plus two short workouts
  6. Track food intake every day (missed one day, but getting better!)

So, I am pretty much in limbo for the two current projects, writing-wise. One is with my copy editor. The other is ready for beta readers. So it’s time to – yikes! – work on something… new! To that end, I’m going to jump back into a writing course I bought a year ago, and only got through five lessons before I decided to focus on getting other work out. This is Holly Lisle’s How to Think Sideways.

This week’s plans:

  1. Review HTTS Lessons 1-5
  2. Send Hangar 18: Legacy to beta readers
  3. Finish budget for RWA chapter (I’m the treasurer)
  4. Set up reader newsletter
  5. Three interval workouts plus two short workouts
  6. Track food intake every day (keeping this one on the list, because I’m still going back and entering this stuff the following day, which means I’m probably forgetting a few things)

Last week, a few folks asked about my Weekly Status Report. I totally stole this from my day job a few years ago. It’s pretty simple. I list each active project, with a total of how many hours I spent on it the past week, what my accomplishments were, and my plans for the upcoming week. My time estimates are rough, but this still gives me a good idea of time spent – and will further my case that my writing is a serious business, should the IRS ever come calling. I’ve put an example of it here, in case you’re interested.

How did you do this week? Do you keep track of your weekly progress somewhere besides your blog?

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  1. How exciting to have so many projects at different stages! Glad you have had a good week and hope things go well for you. Thank you for your comment over at my place 🙂

  2. I know how you feel about feeling a bit stagnant Jennette! I have been feeling the same way. And then I have my husband home everyday since his injury and that makes it so much harder to concentrate on my WIP. Err. But you are getting things done and moving forward which is so cool. And I do like your progress sheet. So let’s make a pact or something eh? Let’s try to help each other get unstuck. Let me know if I can help. Have a great week! 🙂

  3. You are certainly better organized than I am when it comes to my writing. I am not a list maker. I get things done in time, but I guess I have an internal clock. What has to be done is done.

  4. Karen, I haven’t written any new material – for books, that is – in over two years! So hopefully, HTTS will help! You know We Are Not Alone, so you bet I’ll be there to offer encouragement and help. Thanks for your good wishes, and here’s hoping you have a great week, too!

  5. Em, it helps to be able to switch to another when I’m waiting for someone else to read, edit, etc. That way I keep moving forward. Thanks for stopping by!

    Shirley, I am awed by people who can remember to do things without a list! I wouldn’t remember anything! Thanks for your perspective!

    Kate, I have learned something about my process and what works for me with each ROW! And thanks for the compliments on my blog! 🙂

    Louise, thanks for your support, as always!

  6. You know, I think that learning about ourselves in this process is actually the greatest benefit. By actively placing out goals on a paper and working at them, we find things that work and things that don’t. We spot a weakness and set a plan in place to shore it up. Don’t you think this is a great thing?

  7. Yep, yep. There’s something about that Holly Lisle that gets you started again once you’ve finished other things. I’m at the same writing spot you are, and (no lie) I was just looking at my Holly Lisle files, getting inspired for a new project. Your weekly status report is an awesome idea. Mind if I use it? I’m glad to hear you’re balancing so well on that tightrope.

  8. Sounds like you are doing very well. 🙂 Good job on the health goals… I just got back into the swing of working out… it definitely amps up everything else..

    Way to go!

  9. Suzanne, Holly’s workshops are the best! Must be a great minds thing. 😀 Feel free to use my Weekly Status Report; I posted it so others could copy and paste. Have a great week!

  10. Ali, you’re right, I soooo love all I’ve learned with ROW80!

    Prudence – thanks! Although I definitely don’t feel as organized as I look! 😀

    Darlene – thanks! The workouts do help. And I get to read on the treadmill – it’s like getting a bonus!

  11. Debra, it’s all a front. 🙂 Well, some of it! If I didn’t keep a to-do list, I’d never remember anything. Thanks for stopping by!