ROW80: So Far, So Good

When you have a big task, it helps to break it down into smaller tasks, which eventually add up to getting it all done. This week, my ROW80 goal was to get Chapters 12-14 of Time’s Fugitive revised. Three days into the week, I have already accomplished 1/3 of my goal! (I typically don’t write on Monday – that’s paperwork day.)

If you’re a ROW80’er, how are you doing? Any tips for getting at that big task?

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  1. It’s been up and down this week for my on the writing front. But I’m gathering my wits and my inspiration and getting going again. Great progress, Jennette!

  2. Anytime you can check off a goal, it makes the other goals that much more attainable. Kudos to you for breaking it down to manageable pieces – and for getting 1/3 done so quickly! I’m not doing ROW80 or NaNoWriMo this year. Instead, I’m cheering others on. 🙂