ROW80: Sometimes, there really isn’t enough time

I kept my load light again this week, knowing it would be a busy one with two web design project to do outside of my day job. But Wednesday, I still wasn’t where I wanted to be, so I re-evaluated how I was spending my time. Surely there was something in there, somewhere I was spending too much time taking “breaks” to play Solitaire, etc.

But there wasn’t. That night I accounted for every 15 minutes, and only one 15-minute segment was spent on a game break. Otherwise, every bit of it was spent plotting my next book, exercising, reading/answering email/blogs/social media, or working on web design (two hours there).

Sometimes there really isn’t any extra time, and we have to admit that we can’t do it all without sacrificing sleep (not a good idea, health-wise or productivity/quality-wise, for me). Here’s how the week went:

  • Work halfway through Lesson 8 of How to Think Sideways – almost! But not quite.
  • Initial design for the builder’s website – started, but not enough to show him. Hopefully tonight!
  • Publish and host the massage therapists’ website – Done! And she loves it!
  • Three interval workouts and two shorter workouts – Done!
  • Work back into tracking exercise and consumption – minimum four days this week – uh… no. Maybe next ROW80.

Here are the overall goals:

  • Release Time’s Fugitive, in both ebook and print – Done!
  • Complete Holly Lisle’s How to Write a Series workshop – Done!
  • How to Think Sideways workshop – complete through Lesson 8 – on track!
  • Get Times Two (Time’s Enemy/Time’s Fugitive box set) ready for release as an ebook – not going to happen, but since I’m delaying the release, that’s OK.

Next check-in will be my last for this ROW, as I don’t do Wednesday check-ins. So here’s this week’s plan:

  • Finish Lesson 8 of How to Think Sideways
  • Initial design for the builder’s website
  • Three interval workouts and two shorter workouts

How are you doing in this round of ROW80 – are you on track for your overall goals?

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  1. It is a sad fact there are only 24 hours and we are only one:( still you have done well.T
    hank you for publishing on smashwords as well – so many books I miss because people wont put there – if one can format for kindle its just as easy for smashwords but still – have put your two on my next to buy list – so hopefully will have read them next round – all the best for this week:)

  2. how wise of you to track your time. well done because it gives you great info. I hosted our bandit creek writers yesterday, so that’s the last big ‘job’ to be done before i go back to editing my next book (a novella). it feels good.

  3. You tracked your time? I’m impressed with that. Between other demands (which have deadlines), kid interruptions, and some issues I’m having with shoulders and headaches, I also didn’t have the kind of week I hoped. I don’t think much of it was me wasting time, however. Sometimes, it just goes that way.

    Hope this week is a good one — with time to work on what’s most important to you!

  4. Thanks, Alberta! I like to offer my books wherever readers want to buy them! Time’s Enemy is on sale for $.99 until June 22, so it’s a great time to snap it up!

    Louise, I needed to see if there was anywhere I could wring out some more time! Sometimes, there just isn’t any. It’s a good feeling to finish a big project, isn’t it?

    Julie, you’re so right! Sometimes, you can only do so much. Hope your aches and pains go away!

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  6. You’re right — sometimes, there really isn’t time to get everything done. Still, you are getting *some* things done, and that is better than nothing at all. 😀

    Hopefully you can catch up on the things that fell by the wayside this week!

  7. The one thing about finding “more time” is that suddenly we find more things to fill it with (I’ve found that seems to also work with bookshelves and closets). So, yes… sometimes there just isn’t enough time. But it looks like you are trying to make those minutes you do have count.

    Hope that you get that project finished soon. You’re almost there. It’ll happen 😀

  8. So true, Eden! It also seems to work that way with storage on our phones, computers, mp3 players, etc. Thanks for the encouragement!