ROW80: Need Headphones

On Sunday, I got the troublesome scene that needed to be inserted, written. Monday is paperwork day, so no writing then, but that was expected. Today I got a little done on the rewrite on the following scene, but had to stop before I finished it.

It’s the husband’s TV night, and the only way I get writing done then is with headphones. Only problem is, my headphones are wireless – and they needed to be charged. They can’t be used while charging, so…. no headphones. I could have taken my netbook and gotten the writing done elsewhere; instead, I got caught up on other related activities, including one I’d put off for a long time.

I just uploaded the files for Time’s Enemy to Lightning Source for additional ebook distribution. They distribute to over two dozen outlets, including Kobo and Powell’s. So, more places to buy the book = better. I may not sell anything through those outlets. But who knows, maybe I will. And hey, it’s free, since I use Lightning Source for my print books.

So I may not be where I wanted to be with the writing, but I got other stuff done. Lesson Learned: charge the headphones before the battery runs out.

How are you doing on your goals this week?

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  1. Thanks, Ryan! My headphones are the behind-the-neck style. They aren’t noise canceling; they just cover up the TV noise with music , which I find much more conducive to writing. I’ve never liked earbuds, but it looks there are a lot of nice ones out, including ones that do the noise cancellation.

  2. I much prefer the over the ear headphones, but I’ve gone through so many sets by now that I’m down to purchasing the cheap earbuds.

    I’m impressed that you simply changed course and found other tasks to get done since you couldn’t follow through with your original plan. You still made progress!

  3. LOL Julie – aside from the wireless pair, my headphones are pretty cheap too, for the same reason. I think the ones I have at work cost all of $7 – the cheapest behind-the-neck set I could find!

  4. It’s definitely hard to focus on writing when the tv’s going. It’s so easy to get caught up in the show even if you’re not really interested. Ear plugs maybe?

    Congrats on the increased distribution sources for your books!

  5. Things that need to be charged–ugh! Like kryptonite! Almost every time I try to use my hands free phone thing in the car, I hear that robot voice say, “low battery.” I feel like I am always charging something 🙂

  6. Thanks, Sonia! Earplugs drive me nuts, so no go there. But the headphones are charged now!

    LOL Coleen! Isn’t that the truth? Actually these have been pretty good – it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve charged them, so that’s my own dumb fault LOL.