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Sometimes you just need to take it easy and give yourself a break. I gave myself an easier list this week, and it shows: I got everything done!

After completing that brutal revision, I needed that easy week. This coming week may be easy or not-so-much. The list looks long, but most of the items aren’t difficult or time-consuming – it’s a lot of little stuff.  I’m participating in my first book signing at a local Barnes & Noble, and want to have a few things to give away or encourage readers to go download my Nook book. As always, I’d like to collect some more blogs so I’m not always spending my Sundays writing them, but that never seems to happen. Maybe this week!

Last week’s results:

  1. Launch plan and list marketing tasks for Time’s Fugitive
  2. Read one Golden Heart entry (#4 out of 5)
  3. Three interval workouts plus two short workouts
  4. Finish reading and review the ARC I got last week
  5. Finish web design side job I took on to pay off my publishing company start up costs
  6. Rework Time’s Fugitive cover – I’m not 100% satisfied with it – YES! It’s in my sidebar now.
  7. Bonus: Stockpile some blogs, so that I’m not writing them at the last minute
For this week:
  1. Design and print bookplates, stand-up placard, and excerpt brochures to hand out at book signing, plus signup sheet for reader newsletter
  2. Collect and write front/back matter for Time’s Fugitive – Author’s Note, Acknowledgements, etc.
  3. Investigate starting reader newsletter
  4. Write product description and determine tags for Time’s Fugitive; put together Book Info cheat sheet
  5. Review one marketing book (I have four to either read or re-read)
  6. Read last Golden Heart entry (#5 out of 5)
  7. Three interval workouts plus two short workouts
  8. Write one book review
  9. Bonus: any additional blogs

How did you do this week? If you’re consistently not meeting all your goals, maybe you need to cut yourself some slack. Take an easy week, and jump back in next week. Or it may be that the goals you’re choosing just aren’t reasonable, given the other demands on your time. What do you think?

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  1. You’ve made me feel so much better about slacking a little this past week, and you’re absolutely right! Running at full speed will wear you down eventually, and there’s no productivity in that. I had a few days to just relax, and now I’m ready to go again. Thanks for the reminder about that, and good luck with all your future goals!

  2. wow looks like you had a productive week this week.

    My check in will be on the blog. I’m struggling with my WIP so I’m not getting a much writing done as I hoped, but any words are good words.

  3. have fun at the book signing – everything acheived is something acheived and more than nothing – an easy week is good news for brain and creativity

    all the best

  4. Sometimes you do have to slow down in order to progress. Focusing on less, so that you can accomplish more, seems like a good plan to me! How exciting, a book signing! I hope you let us know how that goes. I think I have nightmares of people not showing up…

  5. I’m glad to see you’ve completed your list for the week, Jennette! We all need easy weeks, especially after finishing a grueling task. I’m excited to hear how your book signing goes.

    Good luck this week!!

  6. LOL Melinda – that’s exactly what I’d expect if it were only me! But this is a big group book signing, and includes some pretty big names in romance (Lori Foster, Toni Blake, Kay Stockham). I also have some ebook-only, indie sisters, so at least I won’t be the only one without a stack of books in front of me.

    Alberta and Tracy – thanks!

  7. Jen, you are doing great girl! And congrats on the book signing at B&N!!!

    I’m so excited for you! Wow, that’s a lot of work getting all that together. You must feel so good about this! Do tell, what is the launch plan girl?

    I hope that we at wana1011 will be able to take part in this and help get the word out about your book Jen.

    You’ve had a great week! I hope your next will be all that you hoped for! 🙂

  8. Thanks, Karen! The book signing is for Time’s Enemy. Time’s Fugitive is with two beta readers right now. A third already got it back to me – she said she didn’t want to stop reading it to judge RITA entries, LOL! I’m hoping to get TF back from the others by next weekend, make changes based on their input, and get it to my copy editor, and hopefully back from her by the first week of March. So we’re looking at mid-March for release!

    The launch plan is just a list of things I need to do before I hit Publish. Stuff like finalize the cover (which I did last week), write the Author’s Note, Acknowledgements, and Reviews from Time’s Enemy. Thanks for the good wishes!

  9. As the others have said, congrats on the book signing! Really does sound exciting. If you figure out how to stockpile blogs, please let me know. It’s always my intention but never my outcome. Enjoyed browsing your site.

  10. Thanks KM and Sheila! I think the stockpiling is just a matter of taking time to do it – and I never seem to get around to it.