ROW80: Half Met, and a Good Book

I met half of my goals this week, and plan (hope) to hit the other two today. The fact that my husband is out hunting today helps. I love hunting season. 😀

Here’s a recap:

  • Edit Chapters 7 & 8 of my RIP (revision in progress) – Done
  • Format anthology for Kindle, for my copy editor – Done
  • Design book cover for my beta reader – halfway done
  • Critique a chapter for my critique partner – halfway done

The formatting threw me off the other two goals, as I’d forgotten several gotchas I encountered the last time I did formatting for Kindle (in August, with Time’s Enemy). This time I wrote up a cheat sheet, so I will have that to refer to, and next time formatting should go much more quickly! What annoys me the most is I am a technical person, I can write HTML in my sleep (literally!), and this stuff is supposed to be easy!

My editing was more a matter of getting to it – once I did that, it wasn’t that difficult.

The next few chapters of my RIP aren’t too badly wrecked, so hopefully they will go faster. I also want to get the first half of the book to betas, so they can get started. So this week’s goals are to get Chapters 9-11 marked up, which will be the first half of the book. Then I’ll need to do the type-in for all so far, and go over it a second time for style, typos, etc.

My copy editor’s book is a good one for this week! If you’d like a slightly-spooky read for Halloween, check out Ghostly Tales by Sheri L. McGathy. It’s also available at Smashwords, and will soon be on Barnes and Noble and Apple’s iBookstore.

If you’re a goal-setter, how did you do last week? And good luck this week!

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  1. I like the book cover on Ghostly Tales. Very nice. I’m impressed at your ability to handle HTML! It sounds like it’s a process to learn how to upload books to various formats. Great progress this week! I hope your hubby brings home something yummy to eat. I wonder what he is hunting. (Deer season here, I think.)

  2. Julie, Sheri designed the cover herself, I love it too!

    The formatting isn’t hard, but there are lots of gotchas. I got the mistakes fixed, so it’s live now!

    Yup, it’s deer season here, too. My husband didn’t get one today, but he got one about a month ago and we’ve been enjoying it once or more a week. I got a lot done while he was hunting. 🙂

  3. well done for the week – I have put ghost stories on my lib. list for getting when finaces are better – the abode eats money!!!

    all the best for coming week