ROW80: Gone!

And it’s a wrap! As usual, I greatly overestimated what I thought I could do. But I still feel good about Round 3. Here’s how it wrapped up:

  • Work through Lesson 18 of How to Think Sideways – done through Lesson 12.
  • Complete Saturn Society short story – ready to submit to anthology. Done!
  • Release Times Two (combined ebook of Time’s Enemy and Time’s Fugitive) – waiting until I get other projects done
  • Complete Get It Together exercises and data gathering – completed sections 3 – 8.
  • Three interval workouts and two shorter workouts per week – ongoing
Obviously, none of my bonus tasks got done. But most importantly, I got my story finished and ready to submit! The deadline’s this Saturday, and I just got feedback back from the last beta reader, so I’ll incorporate what I like from that. I did make progress on How to Think Sideways and Get It Together, if not as much as I’d like. I also made my fitness goals more weeks than not, so I consider that a win!

How did you do, if you’re doing ROW80? Are you up for joining us for Round 4? It starts October 1st, so get those goals ready!

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  1. I always get to the end of a round and realize I didn’t get it all done. And then I look back and realize how much I did get done because I set goals and tracked them, and I feel pretty good about it. It looks like you had the same experience. Overall, great job, Jennette! Hope to see you in the next round.

  2. I ended up falling off the wagon after a few weeks of ROW80, so congrats on sticking to it the entire time, even if you didn’t quite accomplish all you’d hoped!

  3. Your experience and Julie’s is mine–I think, well, I didn’t do that or that, but then I look at the half-full glass, and it’s not so bad.

    I tend to see ROW80 as creating habits, and that takes time and practice. I’d say you did a good job this Round!

  4. Julie, LOL – that’s exactly what happened to me! I’ll definitely see you for Round 4!

    Alana, you can always jump back in. Thanks and hope to see you there!

    Elizabeth – exactly, it’s creating habits. Thanks!