ROW80: Getting Stuff Done

Yay! I managed to finish off last week’s hanging tasks on Sunday as planned! Even better, Athena is thrilled with the cover I designed for her upcoming release, and Sheri’s anthology is available on Amazon (see a couple posts down). I also completed the critique for my other writing friend. Caught up on other tasks Monday and yesterday, so back to the revision tonight.

If you’re doing ROW80, good luck!

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  1. Sounds like you’re all up-to-date, a feel good moment to be sure! I think Sheri’s cover is gorgeous – a lot of subtle layering of things there. Love the ghost. Hope the anthology sells well for her.

  2. Kate, Ryan, Gene – thanks! It’s nice to meet some goals after falling short the last few checkins. And thanks for the kind words on my site and Sheri’s book cover (her own design).

  3. @Julie – I didn’t get any writing done, and would’ve liked to, but I didn’t expect to, so yes, all in all, good to get done what I did!