ROW80: Close, but…

The week started out well. I got a bit done on my short story revision each evening, saving the last–and longest–scene for Saturday. I also put off some of the other tasks until Saturday.

Of course, plans change. I’d planned to spend the afternoon with my mom, but forgot to take that into consideration when setting the week’s goals. And then we ended up spending the evening with friends, which I hadn’t planned for, sooooo…..

Anyway. Here’s what I did this week:

  • Read Lesson 12 of How to Think Sideways – no
  • Short story – revisions, first pass – almost! But not quite. Edit: finished around 12:30 this AM
  • Request beta reads for short story – partial – requested one.
  • Get It Together exercise 9 & 10 – no
  • Three interval workouts and two shorter workouts – ugh. No on this one, too. Just two intervals.
  • Format a friend’s book for print if she gets me what I need – didn’t get the back cover text so this goes over to next week.
  • Critique a chapter for another writing friend – Done!
  • Prepare another friend’s business cards for printer – Done!

Here are my goals for the quarter overall:

  • Work through Lesson 18 of How to Think Sideways – done through Lesson 10.
  • Complete Saturn Society short story – revision almost complete
  • Release Times Two (combined ebook of Time’s Enemy and Time’s Fugitive) – waiting until I get other projects done
  • Complete Get It Together exercises and data gathering – completed sections 3 – 8.
  • Three interval workouts and two shorter workouts per week – ongoing
  • BONUS: Release Hangar 18: Legacy – Needs revision based on beta reads – waiting until I get other projects done
  • BONUS: Plot out and begin writing first book in new series
And here’s what I hope to accomplish this week:
  • Read Lesson 12 of How to Think Sideways (Lesson 11 is how to prepare a submission for traditional publishers – been there, done that, and I’m done with that, so I’m skipping it)
  • Short story – complete revisions – first pass and second
  • Request beta reads for short story
  • Get It Together exercise 9 & 10
  • Three interval workouts and two shorter workouts
  • Format a friend’s book for print if she gets me what I need

How are you doing, whether or not you’re doing ROW80? How do you recover when something changes your plans?

Edit: I wrote this at about 10:30 PM last night. After my husband went to bed, I wasn’t sleepy, so I stayed up and completed my revision pass! So even if it was after midnight, I’m going to go back and mark that one as done!

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  1. It’s funny you should ask, Jennette, because yesterday an issue with our printer threw off both mine and my hubby’s plans by sucking us in for two hours of troubleshooting. (And then we felt really stupid when we finally called support, and they fixed the issue in 10 minutes.) At some point we just said, “What MUST happen today, and what can wait?” And then the only thing to do is to relax about the things that didn’t get done and have to wait. Trust that you can knock ’em out later.

    You did make some progress this week! And you’ll get plenty done this week. I know that you have one of those super-busy schedules, so hang in there.

  2. Julie, I hate when something like that happens! That happened to me last summer when my graphics card conked out. Even though I can fix most computer issues, it still takes time to diagnose, and sometimes you have to wait for parts. You got lucky that tech support was able to guide you to a solution so quickly. I always seem to get the ones who know less than I do. And great attitude and way to cope! Now that I think about it, that’s pretty much what I do. Because what else can you do? (Other than get upset, which serves no purpose.)

  3. Jennette, last week was this kind of week for me. Fortunately, I took some time off around the long weekend and have been way more efficient. next week will definitely be better for you too.

  4. Sounds like you did pretty well, Jennette, and family needs to come first sometimes. Or a lot of the time! When something blows my plans (like being sick right now), I just sort of plug ahead when I can again. It usually means my goals don’t get met completely, but at least I keep trying. If I get too down on myself then I don’t make any progress at all.

    And the day’s not over until you go to bed!

  5. I think your progress was great. You can’t expect to complete every goal every week. Out of eight goals, you completed three and made great progress on two others. Of the last three, one was out of your control.

    Don’t get down on missing a couple goals. It’s the process of improving ourselves, in our writing and other areas, that makes all the difference, and you’re more than a winner in my book! Great job, and good luck this week!

  6. Good for you finishing that short story edit as well as the business card and the critique of the chapter for your friend. what you accomplish is indeed significant.As others have mentioned, it was a holiday weekend and as you know, ROW 80 is all about being flexible with life. Hope this week falls more within your routine but seems to me you are making good progress.