New Year, Not-so-new Goals

I took some time off blogging last month, mainly because, holidays. With all of the extra stuff on the to-do list, something had to give, and I figured it might as well be the blog, since the writing had already given.

I did get some other things accomplished. For one, I decluttered the basement. After living here for 23 years, that’s no trivial thing. My family is amazed. And while I was decluttering, I found fabric my mom had given me years ago to sew her a couple of things. Which was great in that, if I completed them, I had something to give her for Christmas, not an easy thing to find. Which was not-so-good in that it was another project to add to my to-do list (hence no blog). That really wasn’t a problem as I like to sew; it’s just one of those things I haven’t had time or energy for much in the past few years.

Luckily, my energy held out until after Christmas, and I was able to complete the projects (the last one at 9PM on Christmas Eve). And she loved them, so it was totally worthwhile. The whole family had a good Christmas, so that was even better (and we were all well this year, too!).

DH and I had decided not to get each other anything since, after all, we had a new kitchen and were in the process of buying 28 acres in TN. Except I couldn’t do that, so I bought him a couple things to wear. LOL–he did the same.

Skeet at right while Isis gives DD a kiss

We got an addition to the family, too–a four-legged one. This is Skeet, the neighbors’ dog that we pet-sat for a couple years ago. She’d run away, and DH found her in the pound. The neighbors aren’t really in a good place to keep a dog right now with their jobs (he is out of town all the time, and she is rarely home) so we adopted her. As before, Skeet and Isis get along great, and we knew Skeet’s really sweet and affectionate (and totally destroys dog toys, but only dog toys, so that’s OK).

What I’ve been reading, abbreviated version (since it’s been a while):


ROW80/Writing Update: As mentioned above, not much writing has gone on in the past couple months. I had a great start to NaNoWriMo, but that stopped cold soon after that as I ran out of outline and had no idea where my story was going. Some people write well that way; me, not so much. I needed to step back and regroup, but just as that happened, the holidays came along. So my new goal for this ROW80 is the same as last time’s: finish the WIP. I did figure out a few things while not writing, so that’s a start. This week, I want to at least spend time planning or working things out each day, if not actually writing.

What about you–how were your holidays? How did you do on your goals, if you do that? And what are you up to now? Please share in the comments–I’d love to hear from you!

Jennette Marie Powell writes stories about ordinary people in ordinary places, who do extraordinary things and learn that those ordinary places are anything but. In her Saturn Society novels, unwilling time travelers do what they must to make things right... and change more than they expect. You can find her books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes, and more.

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  1. Sounds like you’ll be writing soon, as in soon as you all recover from the holidays! Lovely pics, good times for all, and congrats on decluttering. The writing will come along again. Do you outline? Use scaffolding? I got stuck with my wip for a while after the election and drafted a rough outline for what could happen at the chapter level. It got me going again. Enjoy the beginning of 2017 and pet the dogs for me!

  2. Welcome back and happy new year and congratulations on your accomplishments! I’m glad the holidays went well and things are looking up.

    I’m looking forward to many more blogs in 2017!

    Stay well, stay warm, stay happy.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  3. Beth, my outlining is similar to what you describe. Thanks!

    Thanks, Patricia! I’m staying indoors as much as possible.

    Thanks, Shan, and good luck to you too!

  4. It was so nice to see you Saturday. When you showed me the picture of the dog, I thought it was STILL your neighbor’s dog. I look forward to meeting Skeet. I don’t own my own pets (or rather, I don’t have any pets that own me), so I just enjoy other people’s. Haha!

  5. Welcome back and happy new year! Congratulations on the new addition to the family. Skeet is lucky to have such a wonderful family. 🙂 Our November and December whizzed by too and I didn’t get much writing done (my FIL passed away, so we were busy running for that but we finished the last of it yesterday…yay!). Now that January is here and the days are getting longer, I have a new desire to write. I have four women’s fiction novels stewing in my brain and I’m looking forward to writing at least one this year.

  6. Welcome to the family, Skeet! We also have a new addition to our family–a lab/Aussie mix puppy named Leo. He doesn’t have any manners yet, but we’re slowly working on that. If he could only learn the command “off…”

    I hope you had a great holiday season! Welcome back to ROW80. Glad to have you with us!

  7. Aww. So glad that Isis has Skeet to play with. They look like pals. And you were a busy girl Jennette. Decluttering, after it’s done, is such a good feeling. You know, I haven’t been writing either. Well, I have, but not the novel. Which makes me feel guilty because I miss it. But I don’t have the energy for everything and I’m starting a new business which is sucking up my time. Hopefully I’ll be back at it soon. Meanwhile, I will look for your posts for inspiration! 🙂

  8. Happy new year, Jennette! I’ve been doing some decluttering here and there–mostly to make space for the kids. One is home for a few months and the other parked his stuff in the garage as he studies abroad. Writing is coming along, but slowly. But I’m okay with that right now. Hope you and yours are well!