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Isis with tablet

You should be paying attention to meeeeeeee

Last week, I mentioned that I went to a write-in. I got 350 words written. Would’ve gotten more, if my sloooooowwww netbook hadn’t taken half of our meeting time to start up, and connect to Wifi, or recognize my flash drive. Not cool. I don’t do write-ins often, but it was fun, and I’d like to do something like that more often, so when I got home, I ordered a new laptop, a little 2-in-1 that can double as a tablet with the keyboard folded all the way back. It was on sale, and the special deal included a 7″ tablet for free. The laptop’s not due until March, but the tablet came on Thursday. My dog’s thoughts to the right… given what she did with my daughter’s tablet, I’m keeping this one away from her!

Isis waits patiently for her walk.

Isis waits patiently for her walk.

One thing that is definitely getting old is the snow and cold. At work, we have a whiteboard used for announcements. The only thing on it since after Christmas:

“It’s cold!”

Yeah. I don’t know who’s NOT tired of it, except maybe ski slope operators and enthusiasts. Although, I am grateful we have not been dumped on like Boston or other areas. I am also grateful for my winter tires!

Isis doesn’t care about the cold, and still expects her walk. OTOH, once out, she doesn’t seem to mind when DH cuts them short.

I spent much of the week collecting the information and reports I needed for our tax accountant. It was not difficult, because I keep everything in Quickbooks and in general am pretty organized with my filing. But it does compound, given the fact that we bought two rental properties and established a holding business for each, which means DH and I now own five small businesses when one adds in my writing. O.o Luckily, our accountant makes house calls as a matter of course and a little (or even a lot of) snow does not deter him–in fact, he was early to our meeting yesterday. There were just a couple of additional items I needed to look up for him (hence the reason he comes to his clients), and then he was on his way, taking a big load off of me.

Huntress2ebook300Huntress1What I read this week: Huntress of the Star Empire, Episode One: “Hot Pursuit,” and Episode Two: “Captivated” by Athena Grayson. This is a romantic science fiction story, and another new thing for me: it’s the first time I’ve read a serial as it’s released (or soon to be, as the case is with Episode Two), and it’s just what I expected: fast-paced, lots of action, and a complete story thread in each episode, but with other threads (and the main story) left hanging. (Which, since I expect it, doesn’t bother me.) Interesting characters, lots of sexual tension for the romance fans, and fascinating worlds for the sci-fi fans, this series has it all, and I can’t wait for the next installment! I’m also doubly glad I had the opportunity to design the covers, because it means I get the story segments in advance. Episode One is out now, with a new episode to come every Thursday through May.

ROW80Logo175ROW80 Update: My plan for this past week was to get two chapters of changes marked in; I was able to get three (having a work holiday helped). This week, there’s not a lot going on, so I’m shooting for four, with a stretch goal of six.

What about you–is it cold and snowy where you are? If so, are you sick of it? If you’re in the U.S. (or an expat), have you filed your taxes yet? Have you ever read a serialized novel? If you have, do you like them? If not, would you try one, or wait until the whole season (or novel) is out? And whether or not you’re a writer, how are you doing toward whatever goals you might have? Please share–I’d love to hear from you!

Jennette Marie Powell writes stories about ordinary people in ordinary places, who do extraordinary things and learn that those ordinary places are anything but. In her Saturn Society novels, unwilling time travelers do what they must to make things right... and change more than they expect. You can find her books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes, and more.

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  1. Yes, I’m sick of the snow and cold (even though it looks really pretty out there right now).

    No, I haven’t filed my taxes yet. I just got my stock information the other day. I guess I need to get to it, except the computer I use for my taxes needs to be backed up first, since the hard drive might be going bad. Boo!

    I read “The Green Mile” as the episodes were released (well, after a friend read them first). Normally, I’m not crazy about reading them. I’d rather read the whole thing at once (I tend to binge watch tv shows for that reason, too!).

    My writing went EXCEPTIONAL this past week. Over 6000 words added. Even better, I see the book going somewhere. Yay!

  2. Oh, I’m jealous. I want one of those laptop/tablet thingeys with the keyboard and kickstand and everything. All the bells and whistles.

    And I so wish we could order our own weather, because I’d take half of that snow and cold in a New York minute if I could. We have been so warm and dry out here in Cali, we’re already water rationing. It’s scary to think that there’s not even any snow in the mountains to melt for run off water. Ski season out here lasted about 6 weeks. It’s horrible. We always want what we don’t have, but we so need rain and moisture.

    Bright side – everything is blooming and green and really pretty right now. In another couple of weeks we’ll start to turn brown and ugly again because no one can water their lawns.

    Take care, enjoy your new laptop and get some writing done. Isis is a beautiful dog, obviously well loved and cared for. Oh, and good luck with the taxes.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  3. Stacy, I hope you get your tax info before the hard drive dies. And yay on the writing!

    Patricia, I wish we could send you some snow! Although, I bet Boston would like it a lot more. Isis says thank you!

  4. Up until this past week, we’d hardly gotten any snow this winter. But now it’s here and it’s cold and, well, I’m ready for spring to arrive.

    I’ve read a few books that were the first in a serialized story. I like them best when there’s a cliffhanger at the end but the story still works as a stand-alone. It’s probably tough to find the balance between building suspense for the next story and giving readers a satisfying ending. But there are definitely some good serialized works out there. Great work on the covers for Athena Grayson’s series!

  5. Oh so sick of the cold. Haven’t gotten as much snow as other areas in New York State, but am definitely sick of winter.

    Don’t think I have read a serial stories/novels. I watch TV shows that I have to wait for the next week’s episodes, but nothing like that in the written media, yet. Haven’t gotten to it yet, I guess.

    Oh, and I need to make the appointment to get the taxes done. Something that I just don’t like anymore. Last 2 years we owed, not a lot, but enough. Need to change my W-4 (meant to last year, but forgot, so not looking like a fun time, but we’ll see). The joys of being an adult. 🙂

  6. Actually, I am happy to say that it is not cold where I live. And I cannot even imagine what Isis did to your daughter’s tablet. Something naughty? Then yes, keep that device away! And congrats on the new computer. I just had to invest in another one myself. The motherboard died on mine. For the second time mind you. You are going to have so much fun writing or rewriting your manuscript now. And never mind Boston. Hubby and I saw last week that they are getting record low temps in Cleveland. Burrrrr! I’m sure you’re glad that you live in southern Ohio, eh? In any case, stay in and stay warm Jennette! 🙂

  7. Denise, thanks! I think Athena did a great job of walking that line between satisfying ending and cliffhanger. Hope my covers live up to the stories!

    Cindy, good luck on those taxes! Never a bad idea to revisit those withholdings every year once we see how much we get back (or pay).

    Michele, I hope you and your hubby are cozy in that log cabin!

    Karen, Isis chewed my daughter’s tablet! Not a lot, but enough to kill it. So the daughter got a new Kindle Fire that she’s really enjoying. We’ve had record low temps here in SW OH too, though not as bad as some places. Luckily we have a warm house and office. Good luck with the new computer – third time’s a charm!

  8. We’ve had some rain here in SoCal and a lot of beautiful, spring-like days in the low 80s. We’re so spoiled, and I love it! I don’t know how people who live in the snow manage it. I think driving in it is one of my biggest fears.

    You sure have a lot on your plate, with a full-time job, designing covers, and taking care of your rentals. Busy lady! I’m glad you’re not getting slammed with snow like Boston is. Still, the cold is rough. Hope you get some warmer weather soon!

  9. Just finished gathering the tax stuff. I’m mostly organized with this stuff, but it still ends up taking a big chunk of time. Glad I’m done with my part!
    Hope you have a good weekend!