My Town Monday: Serving Those who Served for the Holidays

Veterans line up for a homemade meal at the AMVETS monthly luncheon

On the third Saturday of every month, our AMVETS chapter takes a variety of delicious, homemade foods to the Dayton VA Medical Center and serves lunch to dozens of resident veterans. The vets always appreciate the good food, and after lunch, the AMVETS host Bingo, which the vets always meet with enthusiasm.

During the holidays, the AMVETS make the December luncheon extra special, with a visit from Santa, a care package stocking for each vet, and entertainment.

The vets eat while the girls sing

I’m the chauffeur for the entertainment: my daughter and whichever friend(s) can join her. This year, one of her choir friends came along, and they sang several Christmas songs. My daughter played flute for a few while her friend sang, too. Even though they messed up a few times, no one seemed to notice or care. The vets, as well as the AMVETS serving lunch, gave the girls a hearty round of applause. Even though all I did was drive the girls out there, it’s a good feeling to contribute to something that makes the day a little merrier for those who served us and sacrificed so much.

Of course, it’s just one of many activities our local AMVETS chapter does to give a little back to their fellow vets who are less fortunate, health-wise.

Do you participate in any special charitable activities over the holidays – or all year long?

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  1. What a great way to give back at Christmas! This time of year is when most charaties get the most donations, but we need to remember to think about others all year. Right now the only thing I can seem to make time for is my mentee. So that is how I give back. Eventually I’d like to be able to do more. You are inspiring.

  2. I think it’s really great that your daughter comes too. So often the opportunities to see people outside of our own little sphere are limited. My volunteer things are limited to my daughters’ schools right now. I have plans to expand…

  3. Thanks, Emma! I really didn’t do much – I just drove the kids there. But the AMVETS group does a luncheon once a month. There are many opportunities to volunteer with them when I’m able!

    Kecia – sometimes we can’t do much (I know I can’t!) but every little bit helps. Thanks for your comment!

    Coleen – thanks for stopping by!

  4. My family is involved with the Denver Santa Claus shop which distribute toys to needy children.
    I worked as a medical illustrator at the VA in Madison and Denver!
    Great post!

  5. Susie, that must be really rewarding, especially as you’re using your artistic talents to help others. Thanks for sharing!