My Town Monday: The Road, Nature, and History

Last Thursday, I blogged about courting burnout, and some things I did in an effort to alleviate it.

One of those things was to take time out to play. I’d only ridden my Harley twice all summer, which my husband had been giving me shit about. Part of the reason is because it’s just been too darn hot for much of the summer – riding in that is like pointing a blow dryer into your face. In other words, not much fun. But even when I had decent weather, it seemed I always had too much to do.

So I decided to blow it all off and ride. This is what my husband does to blow off stress – just hop on the bike and see where the road takes you.

The road took me up north of Dayton, to Huber Heights, and to Carriage Hill and Metropark. The park is a goodly swath of green land and undeveloped, uncultivated, natural prairie; hiking and horse trails; and picnic areas. It’s also home to Carriage Hill Farm, a historically-accurate, operating 1880s-era farm.

I remember going there on field trips more than once during my elementary school days. Mostly what I remember about it was the farm animals — sheep, horses, cattle, pigs, and chickens. It was a great experience for any suburban or city schoolkid. There were a lot of things there now that weren’t when I was in school – the surrounding park, for one, and also the restored windmill, and a separate museum building and store. I’m pretty sure they also didn’t have the functional steam-thresher, which people were demoing that day and was pretty cool!

I took my time just wandering around the place. Although I have to confess: I took a few pictures, so it wasn’t 100% not-work. But it was fun and relaxing, and that’s what counts. Also, I got to enjoy three of my favorite things: the road, nature, and history!

Does your hometown have anything like this, where city and suburban folks can learn about history and farm life? Have you done anything to just get away and have fun lately?


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time, Jennette. I live a very short distance from Coloma, the little town where James Marshal discovered gold in 1848. It’s always fun to go down to the park and walk around the saw mill and the blacksmith’s shop. They give working demonstrations during the summer months too and in the fall when kids go on field trips. The old school house has been restored and the church is still operational today.

    Fun times!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  2. I am do happy you got out and had some fun, Jennette. In the race to do everything we want to do, we forget to enjoy ourselves. What a shame, especially when there’s something so awesome as your bike and the road ahead. Lol

    We actually have a few similar spots in my area. Since I live in a farming district, there is plenty of activities depicting the old days. Hmmm, good idea to visit them while it’s still warm outside.

    Loved your pictures!

  3. It’s been at least 10 years since I’ve been to Carriage Hill, and it’s just up the street from me! Glad you were able to enjoy the bike before the cold weather hit!

  4. Sheila, I’ll bet you have a lot of great little historical finds in western Canada. Thanks for stopping by!

    Stacy, LOL you’re right! I’ll bet it’s changed at least a little since then – several things there had been restored in the past few years.

  5. Jennette, good for you! In the Kansas City area we have a number of historic sites that have been maintained or restored. It’s been years since I’ve been to most of them. You’ve inspired me. I feel a few excursions coming on!

  6. Very cool Jennette! I enjoy road trips like that. We’ve got a farm nearby that I took my kids to every summer. It’s also a very large park with a mix of different animals other than the typical barnyard ones–like fox, deer and bears. And I enjoy historic williamsburg too. But lately I’ve just wanted to take a day trip up into the mountains! Looking forward to Fall weather for that 🙂

  7. Lynette, I’ll bet there’s a lot of cool historic stuff in KC! Have fun, and consider blogging about your finds!

    Coleen – that sounds like fun! And I loooooove Williamsburg. Hopefully you’ll get to take that trip up in the mountains soon – have fun when you do!

  8. The George Ranch is located thirty miles from downtown Houston and shows what life was like for four generations of one family, starting with a 1830’s homestead. It has cotton fields and a ranching operation, and the last time I visited, it was with one of my daughters’ Girl Scout troops. My youngest now is 28, so it’s time for me to pay another call at the George Ranch. Thanks for the reminder, Jennette. Sadly, I will have to take the car since I don’t have a Harley. Good job getting out on your bike and seeing things with fresh eyes.

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