My Town Monday: De-stressing in a Place with History

Two or three weeks ago, I scheduled an appointment at a spa. My daughter and husband had given me a gift certificate for Mothers’ Day, and this was the first chance I’d had to use it. I had to schedule the appointment three weeks out – not because that was the soonest they could fit me in, but because that was the soonest I could fit it in.

I went to the Square One Salon in downtown Dayton. I didn’t know it at the time, but this place has won national awards and has been featured on

It’s also in a historic district, which of course is a plus for me. The building is called The Cannery, and is part of the Webster Station Historic District. The spa’s neighbors include a British-themed tea room, a children’s art gallery and education center, and loft apartments in the upper floors. The building also used to house The Cannery Art and Design Gallery, but it moved recently.

The building was originally built as part of an industrial complex in the mid-1800s by Eugene Barney, one of Dayton’s captains of industry in the streetcar manufacturing business. The neighborhood was powered by DC electric – a major innovation at the time! Over the years, many food distributors and grocers occupied the building, hence its name.

While I waited for my appointment, I found a local interest book called Metropolitan Dayton. It was clear after thumbing through a few pages that the book–a contemporary guide to local business and industry–wasn’t new, as many of the businesses profiled in its pages had either left the area, undergone mergers, or had gone out of business. Other organizations, like the Air Force Institute of Technology and Wright State University, are much larger now. I finally found the copyright date in the back: 1993.

So I got in a little history, and the facial and massage were great! If you saw my last couple of posts, you can see where this was much-needed. Unfortunately, it didn’t reduce the length of my to-do list any, but it did have the expected de-stressing effect.

Have you been stressed lately? What do you do to de-stress?

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  1. I have learned to take good care of Louise but I forgot. so now I’m back into intense self care – weekly massages, monthly facials and pedicures…it’s the only way I can keep my life in order.

  2. I’m glad you took time out to de-stress, Jennette. The spa sounds great, and I love the building. Please tell me you stopped in the British-themed tea room for a cuppa.

    Walking is my stress reducer. If I walk for thirty minutes, I hit a zen state for ten minutes in the middle. Works for me.

  3. I’m so glad you took the time. As mothers, we often neglect ourselves when we need it just as much or even more than those we are caring for. I waited so long to cash in a spa gift card once that the spa was gone! LOL. Anywho… That is really cool about the history. I suspect you may find a way to put that to good use in the future.

  4. Louise, good for you! Keep taking care of you, because no one else will!

    Pat, walking’s a great way, and what I usually do! Especially on the treadmill with a good book. 🙂 Unfortunately, I didn’t stop into the tea room – I looked them up thinking of having my daughter’s birthday party there, and they’re a bit pricey. Maybe someday, though!

    LOL Debra – that almost happened to me once! I think I waited two years, and the place closed a month after I used the gift cert!

    Lynette – those are all good ideas! Actually, they’re in my go-to bag of tricks too – I sometimes forget to use them.

  5. A facial sounds wonderful! I see a massage therapist regularly, but since we’re treating long-term joint issues, it’s not what I call relaxing! Walks are good if my foot can take it, especially in a wooded park. Otherwise, relaxing is a book and chocolate. Hey, we take our indulgences where we can get them!

  6. Jen, it was wonderful! And I hear you on the massage- I usually get them for neck pain, and those aren’t relaxing!

  7. So glad you got a break! Tea breaks are how I destress if I’m short on time. Going to the movies is another. My husband and I are going away for a weekend for our anniversary and I can’t wait to have no responsibility other than to relax!

  8. Glad you had a nice facial! My sister gave me a gift card for a massage once–that was a great way to destress:). However, if I can just find a quiet place alone to read, that’s a great stress reducer for me.

  9. Coleen, tea’s great isn’t it? I’m not much of a tea-drinker in summer, but that’s better for walks. Your anniversary getaway sounds wonderful – have a great time!

    Maria, it was great! Taking time to get away and read is great, too. Sometimes too much of a challenge though. Thanks again for interviewing me!