Misfit Monday: Running with the Big Dogs… or Not

If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch (or the couch)… or so the old saying goes.

I have a confession to make. My husband runs with the big dogs (heck, he’s one of ’em).

I’m the one on… well, maybe not the old wooden rocker, but on the porch swing, or maybe one of those cheap plastic resin chairs.

Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee

Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My husband went to the NASCAR race in Bristol, Tennessee this weekend. He went with three friends, two of whom were women.

I was happy to stay home.

For starters, I haven’t been real fond of camping since the time my family went to Put-in-Bay up on Lake Erie, and it rained all freakin’ weekend. The older I get, the less appeal “roughin’ it” has for me. But the kicker is that at Bristol – probably any NASCAR race – the campground is nothing but party central, all weekend long, with the main activity being the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol.

I have nothing against drinking, as long as one’s not doing something stupid, like driving. But I’ve always been a lightweight, and that too, has become more the case as I get older. A couple drinks is enough for me, because the older I get, the less alcohol it takes to make me feel really bad.

On Friday night, my husband was pounding beer, moonshine, jello shots, and who knows what as he wandered around the campground being his sociable self. I worked on my short story.

On Saturday morning, my husband wanted someone to shoot him. I worked on my short story. 😀

When I was in college, staying in on the weekend to do something like write or – gasp! – study, maybe! – made you a nerd, and not in a cool, Revenge 0f the Nerds kind of way. After I graduated college, being single and staying home on the weekend meant you were a loser. (Well, that is if you actually cared what anyone else thought – which most of the time, I didn’t.) Only when you had young children did it become acceptable to stay in on the weekends – because the kid(s) provided an excuse. By the time my daughter was old enough not to need a babysitter, I was okay with admitting to other people that I’m not a partier, and staying in when I want. Which is most of the time, unless I’m going out with my husband.

Once my husband got “the hair of the dog” and some food in him on Saturday, he felt better and enjoyed the race. He used some restraint in partying Saturday night, because he and his friends were planning to leave early Sunday morning for the trip home. And overall, he had a great time.

I finished making revision notes on my short story, plus got a bunch of other stuff taken care of. I had a great day, too!

What about you? Do you run with the dogs, or stay on the porch? And if the latter, how long did it take you to stop caring if you were uncool?

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  1. I was never cool. Never! So yeah, I’ll be on the porch with you.

    Thank goodness my husband got over that drinking thing before he met me (or maybe he stopped AFTER he met me). He said he used to drink to anything – if it was Wednesday, he’d drink to Wednesdays, that sort of thing! We’re pretty much homebodies (and always have been). Nothing wrong with that, either!

    Glad you got some writing done. I did, too. Husband decided to take down the tree in our back yard (thought it was too close to the house). Yeah, I wasn’t going to help. I liked the tree!

  2. I’ve always been a stay-on-the-porch kinda gal. Never liked partying, particularly when alcohol was involved. I’d much rather curl up with a good book or movie or just a friend or two.

  3. I spent too much of my time in college running with the big dogs. Now, as I’ve gotten older and wiser (not so sure about that second part) I’ve resigned myself to an adulthood of close friends who enjoy an occasional board game night or campfire, and a drink or two to unwind, but my crazy days are over.

    If there are still any extra seats on your porch, save me one too!

  4. Coleen, Stacy, and Carrie – I’m glad it’s not just me!

    Mike – your current social time sounds more like my speed. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I run with the big dogs, but only about once a year. Most of the time I want to stay home, or at the very least, someplace quiet.

    Nascar anywhere is a huge drinkfest. I usually go to the race at Las Vegas every year, but I stay in a hotel. I’ve been invited to go rv’ing with some friends next year, but I’m not really sure that’s something I need to do.

    I’ll let you know if I go and how I liked/disliked the event.

    I’m glad you had a productive weekend.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  6. interesting post Jennette. I’d always say I’d be on the porch but I recently realized I’m partying more than ever. when I thought about it, i’m not sure why, but i”m way too busy for that much partying. Besides, it takes 3 days to recuperate, which I really can’t afford. So limited socializing and no drinking for me for now – too much to do and too little time to do it in.

  7. Patricia – I’ve gone to NASCAR races before and it’s great fun, but we stayed with a friend who lived about an hour away. That or a hotel is the only way I’d do it! The RV may be a safer bet than tent camping as you might be able to get away a little. Who knows, you might have fun!

    Pat – run with the chihuahuas, LOL! I think I run with the gerbils – only mine run faster than me. 😀

    Louise, Bingo, that’s why I can’t drink much any more! More than a couple makes me wiped out the whole next day, and I just don’t have time for that.

  8. My newly single sister-in-law, who is two years older than me, always wants me and Nita to go out bar hopping with her. The last real bar hopping we did was in 2010 in Put in Bay. Now when we stay out late, alcohol does not make us legally drunk.

    It makes us tired. I remember 7 years ago on my first ever trip to New York that I’d had so much Jameson that I was literally dumped into a cab. And a kindly conductor on New Jersey Transit woke me up when the train reached Newark Airport (where my hotel was). I got in about 3:30 in the morning.

    At 3:30 in the morning, I’ve already been asleep for a couple of hours on Friday, and on a fraction of the alcohol.

  9. The coolest I ever got was working behind the bar enabling their destructive behaviors. I was (and still am not) never the party type. I would have made the same choice as you. Congratulations on finishing your goal on your short story. Yay! I think that it’s my desire to write so much that might drive the other have to relax with wine more often than not. LOL. Now, if I could be behind the wheel of one of those race cars (sober, of course) that might be a different story. I want to take a stunt driving course. Want to enroll with me? 😀

  10. LOL Jim! I remember when you first started drinking. You got *quiet.* O_o

    Debra, I bet you made a great bartender! My husband owned a bar for over ten years, and some of the best bartenders were those who didn’t drink. A bunch of my Camaro friends do an autocross training course and event each fall, but it’s a bit out of my budget. I have done Richard Petty driving experience though, and it rocked!

  11. Give me a porch, a rocker, and a glass of lemonade. I was never a partier. I still remember my college roommate coming home from her Saturday night out to find me curled up in bed with DRACULA by Bram Stoker. Now, that was a fun night!

  12. I’ve never been one to run with the dogs! I love staying in. Raeding, writing and watching movies are some of my favorite pastimes. I’ve always considered myself a stick in the mud:).

  13. I didn’t grow up camping and never loved it when I met my hubby, who does love to camp. My camping days are long gone. I was always a light weight drinker and can’t handle hangovers. My daughter threw a huge party in July for my hubby’s 60th. It was a hippie theme. I fit right in with the partiers just by drinking water! Haha! I don’t need to smoke a joint to be spacey. I’m already that way. I finally did have some sangria. There wasn’t enough alcohol to make me sick, but it was so sweet, it left me feeling yucky! I think I need to stick to drinking water!

  14. I’ve never been one to run with the BIG dogs. I like to watch others making it through the party crowd and talking. I’m there to cheer from the rocker any day!

    BTW thanks for the CAT YODELING tip! You may have come up with end to my Cat V. Alligator saga!

  15. LOL. I went through a very short phase in college of running with the big dogs. I didn’t enjoy it very much. Now, I’d rather run with the chihuahuas. 😀 Hubby and I enjoy the odd cocktail or glass of wine (mostly me) but we rarely “party.” The hangover the next day is just not worth it.

  16. Julie, LOL! You’re a girl after my own heart!

    Maria, I’ll be a stick in the mud with you!

    LOL Lynn – that’s the best – when we don’t need alcohol to have fun!

    Sonia, I’m soooo with you! More than a couple drinks for me = the entire next day wasted. Not worth it!

  17. Lee, you and me both! I was more likely to sit at a table and people-watch when my husband owned the bar than anything else. Although I tried running a few times. Urggghh. And cat yodeling is too funny not to share – glad you liked!