Lace to Dye for, and ROW80

Last week, one of my goals was to dye the lace for my daughter’s prom dress, which we’re making. It didn’t quite turn out as planned. As in, it was supposed to be lavender…

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…but it’s definitely pink. It could be because my daughter bought ivory lace, and the slight yellowish cast to the fabric combined with the purple to make pink. I don’t think it’s the dye – in the sink, it looked plenty purple! Or it could just be a fluke.

So we bought another bottle of dye, this time blue, in hopes that redyeing with that will make it lavender.

My ROW80 goals did also not quite go as planned, but I can’t blame it on not knowing what we’re doing, or picking the wrong  thing to start with: I simply didn’t get everything done. But it didn’t go badly, either.

Here’s how I did:

  • Two hours of brainstorming/prewriting my next book – YES!
  • Fitness activity 5x – partial, I got 4x in
  • Send out press release for Time’s Enemy – no, although I did send it to a friend with a journalism background to look over; she had some good suggestions, which I made, but did not send it yet.
  • Assignment for writing workshop – YES!
  • Collect info for taxes – partial: I calculated my business mileage to write off, and scheduled our appointment with the accountant, but that’s about it. The appointment is for this Saturday, so this WILL be done by then. 
  • Dye lace for prom dress, and cut one of the four fabrics in it – partial: the lace is dyed but needs to be redone; did not get to do any cutting.

ROW80Logo175On another note, I participated in a panel discussion of romance writers for the Dayton Metro Library on Saturday. We didn’t have a huge turnout, but more people showed up than the three I feared. The program went well, and we all had a lot of fun! So that’s something. 🙂

Here are my plans for this week:

  • Two plot exercises for my next book
  • Fitness activity 5x
  • Send out press release for Time’s Enemy
  • Assignment for writing workshop, week 2
  • Re-dye the lace for prom dress, and cut one of the four fabrics in it

So tell me, have you ever dyed fabric? If so, did it turn out like you expected? If not, what did you do? Have you ever sent out a press release before? Please tell me I’m not alone in being a chicken! And whether or not you’re participating in ROW80, what are your plans for this week? I’d love to hear from you!

Jennette Marie Powell writes stories about ordinary people in ordinary places, who do extraordinary things and learn that those ordinary places are anything but. In her Saturn Society novels, unwilling time travelers do what they must to make things right... and change more than they expect. You can find her books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes, and more.

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  1. I have dyed clothes and sheets before, but it was in the washing machine. The material mix can also have something to do with how much color the fabric absorbs. Cotton is best, synthetics absorb less of the color of the dye.

    Good luck on the next try, along with the rest of your goals!

  2. The closest I’ve gotten to dyeing is putting the elastic for my ballet shoes in tea. 🙂 So I wont be of any help. Hope the blue works out, you’ll have to share pics. I’m curious what the color will be. You made some great forward movement this week on your goals. Good for you. Hope you have a good week.

  3. I admire anyone that can sew, much less dye their own fabrics! My mom made each of the wedding dresses for her daughters, from mine—which was pretty simple—to my youngest sister’s—which was a full on princess dress.

    You should post a picture when it’s finished, I’d be interested to see it!

  4. Ruth, you’re right – they had different instructions depending on fabric type. The lace is nylon, and we added a cup of vinegar. I was okay with it being light because that was what we wanted, so hopefully it will still be light – purple!

    LOL S.J. – I will definitely post pics. Thanks!

    Kate, this is a new one for me. I made a wedding dress for my college roommate, which fortunately was very simple. I will definitely post a photo of this – thanks!

  5. Im sorry, it might be the pessimist in me, but I just see the next dye job coming out a horrible brown or it takes so well that it is dark blue. Well, that’s how life tends to treat me at least.
    But I’ll pray its not so. I hope your daughter appreciates the effort you are putting in 😀
    Good luck with the fitness and writing. (Dress making, staying fit, writing, press releases… do you ever swap places with Wonder Woman?)

  6. Buffy, LOL we’ll see how the dress making goes before I take on the Wonder Woman tag – and I have yet to send out the press release! (And let’s not talk about how “fit” I am LOL). I fear the lace may very well turn out brown or gray – but we won’t know until we try! 😀

  7. I think you had a great week! Maybe you didn’t get to cross each item off the list, but you had progress in everything. Hope the new dye works! I have nothing to add on that subject. :p Have a lovely week!