Just Another Misfit Monday

Ever since America’s favorite lasagna-eating cat declared “I hate Mondays,” it’s been a fashionable thing to… well, hate Mondays.

And for this reason, Monday is the misfit among days of the week. More people hate Mondays more than any other day. I know I do.

For some of us, the why is obvious: we have a whole week on the job just starting, and Friday–and our weekend off–is at its most distant. Mondays are even more insidious for those of us who are “not morning people,” as we tend to make up for the week’s sleep deficit by sleeping in on weekends–which makes it that much harder to get to bed on Sunday night, setting us up for another week of sleep deprivation beginning on Monday.

Of course, the obvious cure to this phenomenon is to simply stop sleeping in on the weekends. Duh! But who wants to do that? Here again, the morning people have the advantage: those who are used to getting up at 6AM are more likely to continue this pattern through the weekend. But this is no solution for those of us who’d rather stay up until 9 (or later) no matter what day it is. So we put up with the weekday sleep deficit and keep hating Mondays.
I found a few interesting statistics about Monday-hating on the web. A U.K. government organization found that there were more suicides on Monday than any other day of the week (and fewer on weekends). What was surprising was that this pattern held even among retired people. Supposedly, people are more likely to be late to work/school on Monday, too. Not surprising, for those of us dealing with the jet-lag phenomenon of catching up on our sleep over the weekend. It’s even been suggested that more heart attacks happen on Mondays.

I also found a few mentions of people who actually like Mondays. Some are undoubtedly people with a non-traditional work schedule, but a surprising number were people who do start the work week on Monday. These people took the view that Monday is a fresh start, or that they have the whole week ahead of them to complete their work tasks.

What about you? I’d love to hear from you! Do you hate Mondays, or are they a new beginning for you? Do you work a traditional Monday trough Friday job, and does that influence your opinion?

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  1. I LOVE Mondays in my house! After the craziness of the weekend, Monday is when my family goes to school and work and I get to hunker down with my writing. I relish the quiet of the house that allows me to get into my work. I’m not sure my family feels the same about Mondays, however.

  2. I work a Mon-Fri job, so I don’t care for Mondays. But if I was “retired” so I could write full time, I’d probably LOVE Mondays – I’d have the whole house to myself and it would be quiet!

  3. I’m not surprised about there being more suicides on Monday (although I was surprised that retired people pick that day too). I hate Mondays! I take my oldest to school at 6:50 and I like to get a few things done before he gets up. Needless to say, I rise pretty early M-F, but I’m a morning person, so I have an advantage over the night owls out there!

  4. Louise, I try to be more zen about it – and I truly am grateful I have a job! It’s just that getting up in the morning when my sleep schedule’s tried to adjust itself to what it wants to be is always rough. Thanks for commenting!

    LOL Julie and Stacy! In that situation, I think I’d like Mondays too! I’ll have to wait a few years on that.

    Maria, glad to see I’m not alone. Thanks for stopping by!

    Coleen – you’re right, sometimes I am more productive on Mondays at work – that weekend off helps to regroup. I still don’t like getting up. Thanks for your comment!

  5. Love Garfield!

    When I was little I didn’t like Mondays – school! However things looked up when I joined the workforce and looked forward to them.

    Everyday is about the same now since I write full time. I just feel terribly lucky! But I do know many people loathe Mondays – it’s great to give them something to smile about!

  6. The hardest part about Monday is the commute. I drive through downtown from one side of the city to the other. (Where I am considered “that dang foreigner”).

    Part of the problem with Mondays is trying to remember where I’m supposed to pick up after leaving off before the weekend. You find a logical stopping point on Friday afternoon, go home and knock out the lawn and the house chores, then it’s two days of shuttling kids, going out, running errands, and television or movies. Come Monday morning, Friday afternoon is like a decade ago.

  7. I want to “Like” Julie’s comment. Although I am tired in the morning I look forward to the quiet time when the kids go back to school. Yay for that. Unfortunately it’s never long enough. Sigh.

  8. CC, I don’t blame you, I’d probably hate them a lot less if I didn’t have to get up early LOL.

    Jim, I sooooo feel for you. I’m lucky in that my commute isn’t bad – a whopping 20 minutes, and in Dayton, bad traffic is a ten-minute slowdown on the highway. I did a contract job in downtown Cincy for a couple weeks, and that was enough to make me loathe it!

    LOL Debra, maybe someday I’ll get to try that! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  9. I don’t hate Mondays, I rather like them. When my daughter school age Monday was the beginning of the five days that I had the house all to myself. I liked that. There is one sure way to cure the Monday blues, though–retire–then every day is Saturday!

  10. Am I the only one old enough to remember the Boomtown Rats’ punk rock song “I Don’t Like Mondays”? “I want to shoot the whole day down…” kind a sums it up!

  11. LOL Joe, I’d heard about some of these, but that one was new to me, too. Thanks for stopping by!

    Diane, I ran across that song while I was looking up some stats for my post, but the one I think of is the Bangles’ “Manic Monday.” That sums it up too! Thanks for your comment!

  12. Jennette, I can so relate to your comment about sleeping in on weekends. Seriously, it gets me through the next week. I can’t say I hate Mondays because lucky grandma that I am, I get to babysit my grandbaby, and if I don’t see him all weekend, I miss him by Monday. BUT…not being a morning person, I wonder if I’ll ever adjust to getting up at 6:00. I’ve been on this schedule since January 2nd and it’s a wee bit easier, but not much.

    That’s something about there being more suicides on Mondays. Crazy. I know more people call in sick on Mondays from partying too much on the weekend and not feeling up to par yet. Employers frown on those Monday absences. Not that I’m a party person or ever was — well, for a brief period in high school maybe! Haha!

  13. Lynn, you have a great reason to look forward to Mondays! Except for the getting up early. I’m soooo with you there. I still haven’t gotten used to getting up at 7 – and I’ve been doing it for decades! LOL!