It’s been a week of catching up on things after several busy weekends, and of harvesting.

Last week, I had family over to celebrate three birthdays–my daughter’s, my brother’s, and my dad’s. All went well and we had a good celebration. The Black Forest cake I made with homemade cherry pie filling was a big hit, and was requested for all future parties for these three, as it’s when cherries are in season.

This tomato’s taste was comparable to its size

It was also time to break out the pickles I made a couple months ago. They were a little salty, but good! Too salty, because I used regular table salt, and should have used kosher salt–a coarser grain that would have equated to a bit less overall. But the pickles were tasty enough I’d consider them a success. Glad I got those pickles too, because a couple weeks later, the cucumber plant succumbed to powdery mildew. 🙁

The tomatoes have had no such issues, and have been producing like crazy, especially the Beefmaster. One tomato was bigger than my hand! Okay, my hands aren’t that big, but still! We ate part of it in a big, salmon salad tonight, and even then, the rest almost wouldn’t fit into the food keeper we had.

Tennessee Update: Nothing new here – still waiting for the bank. The loan originator tells us they’re waiting on the title company. It’s frustrating, because we just went through that exercise a  year and a half ago when we bought the land, and the title was clean then. But the banks always have to dot every “i” and cross every “t.” Hope to get a closing date this week!

What I’ve been Reading: Still not done with that novel, but not because I’m not enjoying it. The reason? Because it’s paper! I have tons of paperback books I’ve collected over the years, mostly conference freebies, but some gifts and some I’ve bought. I noticed one of the latter a couple weeks ago as I was thinking it’s waaaaaaay past time for a newsletter, and a giveaway. Then I realized I hadn’t read that book, and decided I really needed to go through the paperbacks and read some before I give them away or move them.

See, ever since I got a Kindle four or five years ago, I much prefer ebooks. The main reason is that I like to read fiction in bed, before I go to sleep, and with ebooks, I can read in the dark. Sometimes I go to bed first, sometimes my husband does–and if that’s the case, reading with a light is a total non-starter. But I do have a bunch of paperbacks I want to read, so I’ll just work through them slowly on the nights I go to bed first.

I did finish another ebook–or e-magazine, rather: Fiction River: Editor’s Choice, edited by Mark Leslie. These are anthologies of short stories, usually with a connecting theme. This issue was different–it was mostly stories that didn’t make it into one of the themed anthologies for one reason or another, but were too good not to publish. And indeed, there were none I skipped in this issue (no present tense, yay!). A wide variety, from superhero YA to a far-futuristic, to very modern-day, slice of life. If you enjoy short stories, I’d definitely recommend Fiction River.


What I’ve Been Writing: My goal last week was to get back on my WIP, and write 100 words a day. Well, I missed a couple of days–really, I should have allowed for that–but I overshot the 100 words without a problem on most days, and wound up with a total of 900 for the week. Doesn’t sound like much, give that I can write that much in an hour if I get going on it, but with so much going on, and just getting back to the WIP, I’ll harvest those 900 words as a win. For this week, I’m going to shoot for an even 1000 words total, however it breaks down into number of days written.

How about you–have you harvested anything exciting lately? Have you read anything good recently?  Do you prefer to read print books, or ebooks, and why? And how are you doing on whatever goals you might have, writing or otherwise? Please share in the comments–I’d love to hear from you!

Jennette Marie Powell writes stories about ordinary people in ordinary places, who do extraordinary things and learn that those ordinary places are anything but. In her Saturn Society novels, unwilling time travelers do what they must to make things right... and change more than they expect. You can find her books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes, and more.

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  1. Sounds like you had a good week, Jennette. I much prefer reading print books because of the feel they give me, though I didn’t realize that until I finished my blog post that’s up today. I’m not harvesting much although I’m very busy. I’m working on a novella and a novel, have created a new giveaway for signups to my newsletter, worked on my website–adding material and updating older stuff, and have been learning as much as I can about marketing. The only thing I’ve harvested is more deadfall sticks from the tree in my backyard! lol

  2. Okay. I have to know, Jennette. How do you find time to make your own cherry filling and pickles too, in addition to all you do? What’s your secret? I find as I get older, I’m tired some afternoons and have to take a break before I get back to my writing and other activities and obligations. Thank heavens my husband does the grocery shopping, cooking, laundry and vacuuming, and I’m STILL busy. This morning, as it often is, it’s errands.

    After lunch I’ll start writing. Hope the rest of the day my energy is as high as yours!

    Thanks, as always, for your posts.

  3. I prefer print books because I like to SEE how far I am into a book. Strange, but true. It’s also easier for me to thumb back and check a previous scene to see if I misread something (I do that a lot). Ebooks are nice when you’re in a dark room (or reading in the car after the sun sets), but I just don’t get as much pleasure reading from them as I do a paper book.

    While my writing has been slower than yours (yay for 900 words!), I did manage to get my newsletter written and ready to go before we leave Wednesday for Dragon Con. I don’t expect to get anything done during Dragon Con. Well, except to have loads of fun!!!

  4. Lynette Burrows, you may not be harvesting vegetables, but you’re harvesting a lot of other stuff – knowledge, words written, and hopefully interest in your new book!

    Lynette Benton, I must be misrepresenting myself! I am “high energy” is the last thing I am! My husband helps out a lot around the home too, but I do do the laundry, most cooking, and some cleaning. The only “secret” I can think of is I use Once a Month Meals (affiliate link, because it’s that awesome), so cooking doesn’t take much time except for one day a month. Hmmm, I think you might have given me an idea for a post…

    Stacy, funny you mention looking back, because while reading this paper book, I keep wanting to SEARCH, LOL! And tap the edge to turn the page. I hope you have tons of fun at Dragon Con!

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