Goals in Brief

So it’s New Year’s Day, and time to jump back into ROW80: “The Writing Challenge that Knows You have a Life.” I’d planned to get this post up yesterday. See how well that went – pretty much like my whole revision of Time’s Fugitive has gone. So it’s 10:45 on Sunday night, I’m yawning, so we’ll just make this fast.

Last ROW80 I learned to be more realistic in estimating how long things really take (then forgot it again) and in how much I could realistically do in a given amount of time. Even this past week, which I took off of work, I did not get as much done as I hoped. As much as I might want to get my revision done, like, tomorrow, it’s just not happening. So it’s carrying over to the 2012, Round 1.

My primary goal is to release Time’s Fugitive. Secondary to that, I’d like to have a marketing plan for this release. Here are the main steps I need to take to meet these goals:

  • Finish revision of Time’s Fugitive
  • Send to beta readers
  • Make changes based on beta reads
  • Send to editor
  • Prepare front matter, back matter, product description, and everything else needed before release
  • Format book
  • Develop marketing plan (preferably before release, but probably after)
  • Release Time’s Fugitive


If you’re participating in ROW80, good luck! Whether or not you are, or even whether or not you’re a writer, you probably have goals – what’s your major one?

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  1. I like that your goals are all so focused. I have also found that I underestimate how long things will take – partly because I get entangled in making my work better and better and partly because the rest of my life intrudes on my work time. I’ll be pulling for you to get Time’s Fugitive released!