Friends, Fun, and new Fiction!

Crab boil

A Fantastic Feast!

The weather has been changing here in Ohio this past week. We had a couple of hot days, but now, it’s a wonderful mid-seventies and sunny. The sinus headaches due to the change have passed (I hope). Yesterday we had some friends over for a crab boil, much like we did last year. Unlike last year, everyone has mostly stayed healthy and uninjured. My husband calls these gatherings “Family, Friends, Food, and Fun!” And it definitely was all of the above. Isis’ “boyfriend” even came over. 😀

Isis and her buddy

Isis and her buddy

Earlier this week, I’ve mostly been busy preparing for the release of my newest novel, Time’s Best Friend, which releases tomorrow, September 21. My publisher plans to raise the price from its preorder sale in a couple of days, so if you’re thinking about giving it a try, get it soon. Isis has, as usual, been preparing by practicing lots of ball catching. The other night, she even fell asleep with the ball in her mouth (and snored around it, LOL!). I still had a chance to read, too, but did not yet finish the novel I started a couple of weeks ago (and it’s fantastic, so that’s more a reflection on how much I’ve been doing than on the novel).

TrumpZombieWhat I read this week: I didn’t finish the novel, but I did squeeze in a short story. “Donald Trump: Zombie Hunter” by Jon Davidson looked too funny to resist, so I gave it a look. It did not disappoint! Even better, with the level of absurdity therein, it’s funny no matter where you sit on the political spectrum, and well worth the $.99 it cost. All it lacked was a decent cover.

ROW80Logo175ROW80 Update: This past week went well, though I slacked off on the writing earlier this week so had to push it a bit yesterday. But I got 2500 words in before the gathering, so all good and goal met! Round Three ends this week, so this is also my quarterly wrapup. Here’s what I laid out as my goals back in July, and how I did:

  • Work with my publisher to get Time’s Enemy made free for promotional purposes. DONE!
  • Make changes suggested by my beta readers that I agree with on my upcoming release, and submit it to my publisher. DONE!
  • Make changes suggested by my editor, and approve for publication! DONE!
  • Dig back in to my next Saturn Society novel that’s about half finished, revise the outline, and complete the first draft. Not done/goal changed.
  • Send out newsletter once a month (maybe twice if I have major news). DONE!

It was an ambitious plan, but I accomplished four out of the five items on the list. The last one changed due to some feedback from my beta readers on the current release. There was a bit of backstory in that book that they wanted to see more fully developed, but not in that book (which was already long enough, and the backstory would have just been a side trip). Instead, they suggested writing it in a tie-in novella. So that was the changed goal. While I would have liked to finish drafting the novella, edits and proofreading my galleys took longer than I thought. I did get it completely outlined and am about 1/4 of the way through it. So that’s what I call a successful fail!

What about you–how has the weather been in your area? Have you ever done or attended a crab boil? Read any good books lately? How are you doing on whatever goals you may have set for yourself? Please share in the comments–I’d love to hear from you!

Jennette Marie Powell writes stories about ordinary people in ordinary places, who do extraordinary things and learn that those ordinary places are anything but. In her Saturn Society novels, unwilling time travelers do what they must to make things right... and change more than they expect. You can find her books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes, and more.



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  1. Weather’s been nice here in Michigan, and I hope i stays that way because hubby and I are going camping next weekend (last of the season). I have never been to a crab boil. It sounds interesting!

    I think I made most of my goals. Maybe. Haven’t done a proper wrap-up post yet.

    Congrats on all your success!

  2. Congratulations on the release of “Time’s Best Friend”. I will have to check it out; I find the title very intriguing.

    Our weather hasn’t been too bad during the day, sunny and around 65. But our nights are getting cold and we’ve had a couple hard frosts already. I am not looking forward to winter. I keep telling the hubby it’s time to retire and move south.

  3. Thanks, Erin! I hope your camping trip’s great!

    Chris, thanks! My husband keeps telling me the same thing, but we’re staying put here at least until our daughter graduates from college.

    Thanks, Emily!

  4. The weather here has been nice. Not too hot and not too cold. Today it’s cool and rainy and feels a bit more like fall than it has, but I think it’s supposed to warm up for the rest of the week. I get migraines when there’s a major change in the weather (usually right before a cold snap), so I prefer gradual changes in the weather and seasons.

    Congrats on your new release! And I can definitely picture Isis falling asleep with a ball in her mouth. 🙂

  5. Denise, the weather affects me the same way! And I had a pic of Isis asleep with the ball in her mouth, but when I wrote the post, I couldn’t find it. Maybe next week!

  6. Has cooled down quite a bit, down to between the 60s and 70s. The leaves are beginning the transition, but there is still quite a bit of green going around. Overall a pleasant September with the cool crisp mornings and mostly sunshiny afternoon. I am missing the longer days, but its all good.

    I went to a graduation party that had shrimp, crawfish, and corn (cajun style). Not bad, I at least tried it. It was hard to break into the little suckers. My friend crack one open for me.

    Congrats on an awesome round!

  7. Ooh, I love the sound of a crab boil. That looks fantastic. Hubby’s family in Ohio host claim bakes. From what goodies lurk on that table above, it seems to be a similar feast. Always held in the fall. I was able to attend one when we last visited. But you never hear of something like this on the west coast. Prior to my indoctrination, I would’ve probably gazed at you sideways. “What she talking about?” Yet, those gatherings are a lot of fun! And a big Congratulations to you Jennette! I wish you much success with the new book. And it sounds like you are well on your way with the next one. Way to go girl! 🙂

  8. Congratulations on your release, Jennette, I’m looking forward to reading it! You got so much work done this last week, I’m in awe. I’ve never been to a crab boil, but my sons once bought and cooked lobster. Every time they tell me the story and describe how the lobsters tried desperately not to be boiled, I don’t know whether I should laugh at the boys’ experience or feel sorry for the poor lobster. I’m just glad I wasn’t home to watch the event!

  9. Looking forward to reading your new book. Hopefully I can buy a paperback off you when we meet next (whenever that is)?

    Never been to a crab boil. But then, I don’t like crab, so that might have something to do with it. Haha!

    My writing goals are all shot to hell. Too much stuff going on with me right now is making it hard to concentrate. I’ll tell you all about it next time we meet! 🙂

  10. Karen, the crab boil was sooo yummy! You should try it if you ever get the chance. And thanks!

    Thanks, Sheila! I know I won’t be able to keep up that much always, but I’ll take the good weeks when I get them!

    Stacy, my publisher expects to have paperbacks by late October. And thanks! I don’t see how you’d be able to get much writing done on that awesome cruise you just took. 🙂